Hey America, time to apologize to your kids, grandkids and maybe the rest of the world for…

It is funny how saying just two words can be one of the hardest things to do.  Those words are; “I’m sorry.”  Many people feel that they have nothing to apologize for or see it as a sign of weakness.  If this is one of your views?  You are wrong on both accounts.  The closer it gets to inauguration day in the United States…  The more I think that adults need to prepare a sincere apology to their kids, grandkids, great grandkids and possibly the rest of the world.  For what you might ask?  That answer may take as long as four years or as little as four days to answer.

The adults sent a message this election, that message to the youths was was quite clear.  The message being; we don’t really give a shit what happens in the upcoming years because we will most likely be dead and not have to deal with it.  Or better yet, they will be alive but too old to care and their children will have to not only deal with them, but they choices made.  Unfortunately, the price may be paid on a grander scale.  A saying comes to mind, something about “sins of the father…”  But these are not only the sins of the father, but of the mother, grandparents, aunts, uncles and distant relatives.  All who believed that they needed to make America hate, I mean “great again.”

The worst part of all this is that it could have been prevented.  There are so many entities to blame, I literally do not have enough fingers using both hands combined to point at them all.  Maybe I will be wrong?  There is a possibility that climate change will not get worse over the next four years due to all the changing policies, deregulating and scientific denial.  There is a chance that the upper class will not be the only ones to benefit from having former CEO’s running important positions in government.  That they will act not in their best interest, but the interest of the lower and middle class incomes.  Maybe there is hope that the U.S. won’t get into a nuclear war due to an ego so big or twitter comment that cannot be dismissed.  Along with that, a mandatory draft because there are not enough soldiers left to fight.  Because it’s well understood, a nuclear war can kill a lot of people!  Hey, there can also be a chance that freedom of speech and press will remain, regardless of your differentiating opinions against the president, his cabinet or his beliefs.

Just maybe, other countries will not stereotype all Americans for the deplorable actions of certain groups of people.  I mean, that would be unfair, right?  Or despise the U.S. for the policies, promises and threats made by the president elect and his cabinet.  Is there a real possibility that the U.S. could be prone to more attacks under the upcoming administration?  Will other countries be drawn into unnecessary conflicts just for being allies with the U.S.?  Finally, we just might achieve racial peace, equality, justice, freedom to choose and tolerance for people regardless of race, creed or colour.  There are so many questions with only worse answers that are only one week away.  The choices made by one country carry drastic consequences for the world.  But I am sure that the rest of the world will be forgiving and not carry a grudge.  Don’t worry…  If the next four years goes well and I am wrong?  I will be the first to tell you all; “I’m sorry.”






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