Not my slogan…

“Make America great again.”  Talk about something that has been OVERWORKED!  By now, you may have heard the newly proposed slogan for the soon to be president; “Keep America Great.”  (Yes, that does come from the movie; The Purge: Election Year!)  So does that mean all of a sudden America has become great again?  Why because the person who is about to officially take office is named Donald Trump?  Or maybe it is because he has successfully, further divided a country that was already struggling to apply the concept of “LIFE, LIBERTY and the pursuit of happiness.”  This is arguably one of the key phrases in the Declaration of Independence.  But maybe for him and is supporters, it is just another meaningless slogan.

Here is another “great” slogan; “Drain the swamp.”  I am guessing that the water will be sold as Trump drinking water very soon.  How can anyone feel better that he has chosen a cabinet of former CEO’s, businessmen and climate deniers to bring back prosperity for the lower and middle classes.  Truly, that is exactly what they did during their time as business leaders.  I guess if you are a in a higher tax bracket, you’d feel good about his choices.  So now the situation has gone from swamp land to toxic waste.  I guess that is how he envisions the way to “Keep America Great.”  Here is a link to see just what has replaced “the swamp.”

In closing you will read some past presidential campaign slogans incorporated with some mindful thought…

“America Needs a Change” (Mondale 1984) but is Trump the one who will bring the change America really needs?  He and his supporters feel Trump is “The Better Man for a Better America.” (Dole 1996)  Can anyone really believe that when you claim a slogan from a movie that glorifies the annihilation of people who are less fortunate or undesirable to the wealthy and politically powerful?  When you talk about banning Muslims, building walls and supporting waterboarding…  We can no longer be looked at as a “Kinder, Gentler Nation.” (Bush 1988)  Not that is how the view is now.  Trump’s cabinet picks are a far cry from a ” Government Of, By and For the People…Not the Monied Interests.”  (Nader 2000)  Just look at the link provided above.  For all the campaigning Trump did on how Clinton has strong business ties which would be “cashed” in for favors once in office… Any “Trump-pets” feel lied to?  Trump has done a great job at “Putting People First” (Clinton 1992) but mainly his people who share his convictions, notably greed and power.  So with all his campaign promises, does he offer “Change We Can Believe In” (Obama 2008) or will we see that he had “Real Plans For Real People” just not all people.  So only time will tell how the question will be answered.  Not just by America, but by the world; “Are you better off than you were four years ago?” (Reagan 1980)

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