The Autopsy of America

Remember the verse “the day the music died?”  Many will think of today, January 20, 2017 as the day America died.  Since the 9th of November, the U.S. has been living on life support.  With the faintest sounds of a barely beating heart, beeping ever so slowly… Between the times of 11:30-11:45 am in Washington, the plug will be pulled.  This is not a mercy killing or an act of kindness.  Think of it in terms of The Walking Dead, death is only the beginning of something worse.  Like a festering, decaying, mindless zombie Trump and his followers will rise.  Sounds like a horror movie or series?  The world can only wish!  For today is the start of the WORST reality series ever starring President Donald Trump called; “Welcome to the United Hate of America.”

As many that are in denial, people will not accept the fact that America has passed away.  Much like the plot from “Weekend at Bernie’s” Trump and his supporters will just dress up the U.S. and parade around like as if everything is normal.  So I feel it is my duty, to report my findings, in other words; the cause of death for America.

My initial evaluation shows a great deal of decay, mostly to the moral fiber.  There seems to be a deep separation between the white and all other colours of the brain.  This seems to be the result of a self-inflicted blunt force trauma, the technical term is stupidity.  After opening the chest, it reveals a surprise.  The lack of a fully operational heart.  A closer look shows little to no trace of remorse, compassion, humility or humanity.  It is a wonder that America has survived this long.  The stomach displays signs of deterioration that occurred slowly over time.  This is the result of the constant production of hate, anger, violence and injustice.  Finally, observing the hands and feet there is evidence of trauma.  My experience has led me to believe this is from carrying out acts of aggression by physical means.  The blood on the hands is disturbing by the fact that there are numerous types; African American, Native American, Hispanic, Mexican, Asian Middle East and small traces of Caucasian.  These are just what we have discovered so far, there is definitely more to be identified.

Today is not a day where we should celebrate the life of America but maybe a much needed day of reflection.  All of us, people of colour and non-colour alike.  Whether you belong to a gang, sports team or social club, it is time to put ALL differences aside.  It is time to not look at each other and judge because we are different but to find what we have IN COMMON!  Until this happens, ALL of us will fall victim to this metaphorical zombie apocalypse.  We need to UNITE 2 SURVIVE…

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