WOMEN showed the world that UNITY=SUCCESS

Amid the darkness brought by the swearing in of the newest U.S. president , there was a bright light shining.  This light burned bright and it’s shine could be witnessed all across the world.  Not just in America, but countries near and far.  The spark that united this flame came from a retiree from Hawaii according to a Washington Post article. (Perry Stein, Steve Hendrix, Abigail Hauslohner)  The message was sincere and equally powerful; the message of unity.  Just imagine the magnitude of the ethnicity displayed.  So many strangers, friends and relatives united to send not only a message of unity but strength, courage and inspiration.  The march inspired women from across the globe to protest in unity.  Simply amazing and inspiring!

As of this morning, I had read no reports of violence during this “yuge” protest.  I also did not see statements from the U.S. press secretary claiming this crowd was not a large as the one that attended the inauguration.  But wait for it…  Not that it would matter!  There is NOTHING that the administration can say that will minimize or devalue the actions taken in this PEACEFUL act of protest.

Please note that the message of unity is really just one of many powerful messages sent from yesterday.  Unity is the one I chose to focus on.  Why?  My reason is because I feel that these women (acknowledging there were men supporting the march as well) did something I am not sure this many men could do.  Putting colour, creed, religion and many other differences aside for a common purpose.  It is as if women realize just what is at stake, not just for them in America but for women everywhere.  They realize what the possible threats are to come during this administration.  These threats are not just women related.  There are threats to freedom, environment and the future.  For anyone that has felt hopeless, now is the time to search deep within your soul.  Open your eyes, heart and mind so you can see that there is hope.  Not just glimmering, but one that can shine bright enough to erase prejudices of all kinds and UNITE people everywhere!

In closing, I issue a challenge to men everywhere around the world.  The challenge to put all prejudices aside and UNITE.  The women have set and have led by example with their inspiration and their actions!  Let us change the saying from “behind every good man is a good woman” to “behind every great woman is good man or woman who supports them!”  I would consider that a success…


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