Oversights and “Alternative Facts”

When you think of an oversight, what comes to mind?  Maybe forgetting to return a neighbors garden shears or bringing home milk after work…  Those are considered oversights.  But when it comes to the new administration in the U.S., the term oversight will be as common place as the highly popular term “alternative facts.”  The two will be synonymous with the word LIES.

In terms of oversights, let me start with the idea of the message; “America First.”  Based on the immediate removal of civil and LGBT rights from the White House website, one has to ask; which Americans are being put first?  Simple logic would draw conclusions that ONLY Americans who share the administrations values will be put first.  In a country already struggling with injustice and equality, removing these websites and replacing it with anything else but that sends a clear message!  The message of further division for the American people.  But I am sure this is merely an “oversight.”

In terms of the people, can anyone tell me how reversing the Obama Mortgage Fees plan helps people already struggling to make ends meet?  An article written by Joe Light of Bloomberg Politics dated Jan 20, 2017 states; “The new administration on Friday said it’s canceling a reduction in the Federal Housing Administration’s annual fee for most borrowers. The cut would have reduced the annual premium for someone borrowing $200,000 by $500 in the first year.”  Why didn’t we see something that would make more of an impact on the wealthy?  Oh right, that’s because it would affect the people who have more in common with Trump; businessmen, donors and pretty much anyone else that wouldn’t miss $500.  Again, this is merely an oversight.

Finally, there is the removal of the climate change initiatives.  I am sure Trump and his cronies on Capital Hill see climate change in the same way we see Spicer’s “alternate facts.”  Ignore the FACT that there has been 14 straight years of record high temperatures, science has no place in the realm of “alternative facts!”  There are clear messages that state Trump will lower regulations for oil and natural gas drilling.  Additionally, the potential reversal of the Dakota Pipeline ruling.  Under the façade of bring back jobs, what truly is brought back is more money for the wealthy.  I guess he doesn’t realize that in order to “keep America great” the country will need clean air and water.  How many times can I tell you with a straight face; this must be a simple “oversight.”

Today I was really hoping to write about anything but Trump.  Unfortunately, I have this burning need to express and possibly educate non-believers.  The non-believers I speak of are those who ignore facts and make their biases solely off what comes out of the mouths of that whole administration.  The world does not operate on “alternative facts,” the world and it’s people operate on realities.  The realities are that the world is dying at a faster rate than anyone predicted due to corporate greed.  There are the realities that the U.S. is no longer a melting pot but more a BOILING pot waiting to explode.  Reality must be faced that there is no longer “unalienable rights.”  The time has come for ALL of us to unite and make the realities of corporate greed, environmental genocide, intolerance, injustice, prejudice, racism and the rest of the DEPLORABLE roadblocks disappear.  The time is NOW for the people to deliver governments a REALITY check!

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2 thoughts on “Oversights and “Alternative Facts”

  1. Preach! It is great to see others like you sharing your opinions on politics, especially with some nice, hard facts in there. I love your style of writing here, and some of the lines actually made me laugh a little; “How many times can I tell you with a straight face; this must be a simple “oversight.””

    You know, I find it funny how you said in the last line, “The time is now for people to deliver governments a reality check!” At least, in the U.S., our government is founded on the very principle that the ‘people’ is the government. We all act as if there is very little division between the two of us (people and government), because of our so-called pure ‘democracy.’ Our democracy is not perfect, however, and you are right, it is time that we bring this fact into the open. It is no longer “We the People,” but “We the Government (with People).” Hopefully, this election has brought this to light, with possibility of change.


    1. Thank you for the kind words! I am glad you enjoy the blogs. I am just trying to bring circumstances to light, educate and hopefully inspire those look at things a bit differently. But doing this through facts combined with opinion.

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