Top 10 things I see in America’s future

10.  The rich getting richer and the poor getting less.

9.    More walls will be built to keep Americans from leaving in search of what was once “unalienable rights.”

8.    History will not repeat itself, this will be much worse.

7.    More and more “alternative facts.”

6.    The cost for freedom of speech will be equally as expensive as the right to clean air and water; peoples lives.

5.     America will become an even more hated than ever before.

4.    Other countries will close their borders to American seeking a safe haven.

3.     More executive orders that take away the rights of the people.

2.     More environmental and health issues due to increased fossil fuel consumption.

1.      The buzzard replacing the once mighty and majestic eagle as the nations symbol.

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14 thoughts on “Top 10 things I see in America’s future

  1. Yes, unfortunately, these things are likely due to the poison of Trump’s administration. We’ve been set back 50 years or more already, and it seems to get worse with each passing day. The only things that bring hope are the possibility of impeachment and the fighting will of the majority who want to help the country.
    I hope we prevail somehow before consequences can’t reversed.
    -Author S


    1. It is hard to watch a country, yours or any others tear itself apart. I know I have not written much msgs of hope, but there is some out there. The key will be people of ALL backgrounds being able to UNIFY.


      1. Yes, you’re right, unify and fight back against the forces that’d sooner do us harm than help. We are the majority, so we have numbers on our side.
        -Author S


  2. Hi! I’ve read a few of your posts and they make me want to meet you and to talk about all that in person 🙂
    I think you’re right to be outraged, I am too. And the future does look gloomy. But we need to stick together, keep exchanging ideas and write and talk and create constructive projects together to counteract all this.
    I suppose what I mean is: however tempting it is, do not despair! We’ll need all the combative energy we have!0
    Even if a little ironic or bitter post feels good sometimes (


    1. Thank you again! I am going to look for more uplifting stories. I hope that my messages help spark that urge to push back. I keep saying here & twitter that once everyone puts aside our differences… It will be an unstoppable force!


      1. Good morning… It is: @gr8mindsunite
        I tried to sign up for your blog. I got the email to confirm my subscription but seems I still have to go manually to your site. Which is still ok. 🙂


  3. You are right. Loss of freedoms started with Bush. Today new leaders want walls to separate us and control of internet. I told people for many years. The weak generation will lose freedom and they will miss freedom.They will be sorry too late for giving away the freedom so many had die for..

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