A simple tip…

One of my favorite motto’s is that “kindness is contagious, catch it and spread it.”  I recently read a story from Colby Itkowitz of The Washington Post; dated Jan 25, 2017. This was not necessarily a small act, but rather substantial act of generousity and then some.  More importantly, it shows that there is hope that some people can see past colour and politics to see the true beauty in people.

My hope is that the simple lesson taught by Mr. Jason White can resonate to not only other Trump supporters but to people of all races, creeds and religion.  No matter what city, state or country you are living in just keep in mind; “kindness is universal!”


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13 thoughts on “A simple tip…

    1. Hi again… Being in another country can be all of those things you mentioned. I have been in that situation in some instances. If you ever need a someone to let some thoughts and/or words out? Feel free to msg me and I will try to get back to you asap. Take care!

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