The Scent of a Government

What does it smell like at the Oval Office?  I started thinking about how much and what kind of Febreze is used in the White House?  Maybe not so much when it is just Trump and his administration there, but when there are visitors.  You might be asking, “what does he mean?”  The answer is simple…

The scent of despair, hatred, prejudice and many other deplorable odours must be running rampant off Pennsylvania Avenue.  Like an open dumpster in stagnant heat, the fumes must be appalling!  While the cabinet chosen for this administration is nose-blind, the people of America are not.  I venture to guess that foreign dignitaries are not as well, many of them may just be able to hold their breath for a considerably long time.  The ones we should really feel bad for is anyone left from the Obama administration.  It must be quite the shock to go from fresh clean ocean air to the sulfuric toxicity that is today.  When the swamp was drained, the water was moved into the WH pool.  Right now, the people of America are trapped in an elevator while this administration keeps farting and laughing to themselves.  But there is hope…

When I read the stories of people coming together to say that they will NOT let their air be tainted by the policies and insecurities of this administration…  It is like a breath of much needed fresh air!  Watching a TRUE leader & inspiration like Sally Yates, stand up for the people and the Constitution is breath taking…  In a GREAT way!  Watching stories of lawyers helping banned/detained people at the borders, again gives me hope that the stench of despair and injustice will not become a permanent cloud over our heads.  So my message to everyone is this…  When you witness an act of fresh air, take a deep breath and pass it on!

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3 thoughts on “The Scent of a Government

    1. I read your stories last night, they are very well written. I must say, I liked the story that was about weight issues with women. Society doesn’t always understand that weight issues are not by choice. There are many factors that people are blind to.

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