What keeps me up at night…

          What keeps you up at night?  There can be millions of things that prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep.  For myself, as of late, I can sum it up in one nasty little word; trump!  It pains me to give someone like him the satisfaction of ruining my beauty rest.  Fact is, I could use all I can get.  The anxiety I carry is not only for myself but for the environment and humanity.  The trump administration is comparable to the four horsemen of the apocalypse.  How many people do you know can accelerate the Doomsday Clock singlehandedly?  But this is not the only reason, why I lost sleep…

            Much like mindless lemmings, some but not all trump supporters follow blindly as they chant “make America great again.”  What do these people think made America great at one time?  What made America less great before his presidency?  Blinded by prejudice, indifference and hate these supporters cannot see just how far they are being goose-stepped away from freedom and democracy.  A professor from Berkley University in California compared trump to infamous dictators from the past; Hitler, Mussolini, Franco.  There are common denominators; first was blaming a certain ethic group for a countries problems, second is speaking of “the great yesterday.”  IE… “Make America great again…”  In terms of rationality, many use “alternative facts” to state their case.  Or much like his views on climate change, they just use denial as their argument.  Even when you have proof, it is considered “rigged” or part of some conspiracy by the Democrats/Liberals.  There is no way to reason with people of this mentality!  Under the facades of; national security, betrayal, and more jobs for workers…  Legalized US citizens are being detained, a woman who stood up against a potential unlawful order was fired and Mother Earth is being stripped of her rights to survive.

            My question to these supporters of trump is simple; when the time for war comes, will you be willing to put your lives on the line for what you believe in?  Or will you simply allow those who have already sworn an oath to uphold and protect the country go out and be forced to do it for you?  I lose my sleep when you have people who enjoy the freedoms provided, use it to bully, humiliate and antagonize those who want the “UNALIENABLE RIGHTS” granted by the Constitution without EVER doing anything to defend it!  They want America to be “great again” but are unwilling to put themselves in a position of risk for it.  There are a small few that are and will serve to defend this administrations values, good for you!  But what about the rest?  Why should members of the armed forces who are obligated under contract to follow the orders of the president lose their lives for something they very well may not believe in?  FYI…  Voting for trump and supporting his policies DOES NOT make you patriotic!  Going on twitter and cyber-bullying others in the name of trump’s agenda; DOES NOT make you a patriot!  I suggest you go to your recruiter and seek enlistment, put YOUR life on the line for what you and his administration stand for!  Honestly, even if you did manage all that…  It still wouldn’t make you a patriot, just a little less of a hypocrite.

For the record, I have the utmost respect for the members of the armed forces!  This piece is in NO way a derogatory statement against those who proudly serve.  You keep America and it’s allies safe.

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8 thoughts on “What keeps me up at night…

  1. I am going to put the discussion of Trump on the sideline. Let’s talk about being in the military. I have some experience there. We swore an oath to protect and defend the constitution against all enemies, foreign or domestic. When I started my military career I did not really think about doing the president’s bidding. I served under 4 different presidents. One in particular, I found to be reprehensible. (I retired before President Obama, so do not make rash judgements). I trusted the men and women I served with and the capability of the senior leaders in the military to provide the best military advise to the President and the Secretary of Defense. This includes telling the President when he is doing something unlawful or just plain stupid.

    I never signed up to do the blind bidding of a president of either party. I did my job, not because of a contract, but because I took my oath very seriously. We have an all volunteer force. They deserve your respect. I did not see any respect for the people who stand watch through the night to protect your rights and keep your evenings quiet, even if you are not sleeping.

    I will happily discuss this, just show me your DD-214 and I will show you mine.

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    1. I apologize if you feel I disrespected those who have and currently serve. I am not sure if my point was expressed properly or if it being taken out of context? I put an additional msg to clarify this. My point is this… There are trump supporters who enjoy what he is doing. But are they willing to fight, in war to preserve those ideals? This is not directed at those serving now. Additionally, in terms of a volunteer force… Members cannot just decide to end their service at their choosing once they have enlisted, unless under special conditions. To further disagree with the concept of a volunteer service… Retired members can be involuntarily recalled. So while I respect the fact that you served your country, this is a different time with VERY different people running/ruining the country. All the best sir…

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      1. I think we are going to disagree. I think you should refrain from instructing a veteran on the inevitability of war, involuntary recalls and terms of enlistment. I don’t think you have a handle on the subject matter. I will defend your right to oppose the president, his choices in the cabinet and his policies with my last dying breath. That is your right and I fully support that right up until the point where lives are put in danger and property is destroyed.

        Your premise that war is inevitable is flawed. Your conclusion that anyone who supports Trump is mindless lemming is degrading and not worthy of civil discourse. And your questioning of whether people will put their life on the line for this country, well I have already done that (the first time was on President Clinton’s watch). Have you?

        I am not a Trump supporter by a long shot and you have not convinced me that you have a solid argument.

        The “unalienable rights” you speak of are enumerated in the Declaration of Independence, not the Constitution. The professor you paraphrase is from the University of California,Berkeley. The disclaimer does not let you off the hook for misrepresenting the quality and sincerity of the service of members of the military. They are serving their country, not the Donald. I also think that protesters are serving their country as long as they do so respectfully, without damaging property and putting people out of work in the wake of their destruction.

        I wish you well with your blog. It has promise.


      2. Agree or disagree, I appreciate your input and the fact that you stated your side respectfully. I still think there is a disconnect in our ideas but respect your words none the less. I wish you well and say “thank you” for your service.

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    1. I do not stand for violence and restriction of speech for anyone. While you may not see the similarities between trump and past dictators, there are similar characteristics that make him more like, than not. In my view, shared by others…

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