Poem: The Weight of Expectation

I did my best at least I thought

But the result was not what I sought

Did I let you down or was it me I failed

In the water I drown as the ship has sailed

The burden for acceptance is the weight I carry

I seek the peace of approval even momentary

As I make my last gasp while slowly I sink

Approval of myself is harder than you think

If these are my last words take them to heart

Don’t let the claws of expectation tear you apart


– Many of us feel the pressure to succeed, by our friends, family and especially ourselves.  It is okay to not win or succeed EVERY time.  What is important, is what we learn in our setbacks!  Those are the tools that bring us success the next time around.   Sometimes we need to take breath, step back and realize what is REALLY important.  YES, it is YOU!

It has been my experience that… “The chase for perfection sometimes leads to a dead end.”


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