At the CENTER of Controversy, Instead of Democracy

I haven’t picked up my (metaphorical) political pen in some time.  Writing about the misgivings, misconduct and misinformation of the president of the US can be tiring.  I wish I could write an article about something positive that was accomplished by this administration.  Unfortunately, that would truly be “fake news” or “alternative facts!”  I cannot state enough, how it pains me to see the ways trump is trying to make America “great again.”  From bans to walls and everything in between, it will take an extraordinary amount of time and effort just to make America sane again.

To date, trump has signed twelve executive orders and as listed in a Washington Post article dated 21 Feb 17, 199 tweets since his inauguration.  He has tweeted about things like the “unfairness” towards Ivanka, the size of his crowds, fake news and the latest the DNC Chair selection.  Most of the words that has either come from his lips or his finger tips have been USELESS to the people of the US.

You might ask, which people?   Let us discuss the millions of people that will lose health coverages.  Again there is the façade of giving the people something better.  The proposal takes away coverage for people with pre-existing conditions.  This list is not a small list, nor is it an inexpensive list.  In the end, who does this proposal help?  Not the average American, but rather the insurance companies.  I have viewed the town hall meeting where people are afraid to die because they cannot survive once Obama-Care is eliminated.  The republicans have no answers, not on ANY level!  Maybe it would help if a tweet came out of the “Orange Office” or the “Red Room” (take your pic) telling people that need not worry about dying from the repeal of Obama-Care, and here is why.  While this article may incur the wrath of trump supporters, this applies to them/you as well.  I hear citizens say that under Obama-Care, their premiums are going up.  I am guessing they don’t realize just how much MORE expensive it will become once insurance companies can reject them based on existing conditions.

When it comes to trump being silent, there are not many things that can do it.  I have noticed at least one item that can…  How about the shooting in Kansas last week, which I have yet to see become officially labeled as a hate crime?  Which to me is puzzling!   The shooter yelled “get out of my country” as he open fire on two Indian men, killing one and injuring the other.  I will venture a guess that if this had been a Muslim man or an immigrant from one of his seven listed countries from the failed travel ban…  There would be endless tweets and rants on how this is the 9th Circuit Court’s fault, why we need to ban immigrants, etc…  But this is NOT the case!  The shooter (“alleged” if it pleases) was a Caucasian man.  There seems to be a blurred lines and labels between crimes, especially shootings that are committed by Caucasians and people of colour.  For many of us there is no blur, or bias.  Racism, terror and terrorists comes in many forms, shapes and colours.  Which includes the shade of white…

There can and will be arguments made that the president is a busy man and has other more important things to attend to.  I guess those same people do not mean; his tweets about crowd sizes, fake news or his daughter.  Or about his weekends golfing back at Mar A Lago, which is costing taxpayers “HUGE” money.  I guess trump is too busy to make a push for the poison-waters of Flint to be taken care for the people who have been waiting for “that promise” to be fulfilled.  Instead there is a call to increase the military budget, one that is already HIGHER than some countries combined.

Finally, I will close with what trump and his administration are doing in regards to the media.  Or as he calls them “the enemy of the people.”  Funny how some of these same media outlets went from friends to foes so quickly.  The media gave trump so much more coverage than Clinton and Sanders…  COMBINED!  I guess maybe trump is correct?  Seriously though, freedom of the press is a right of the people.  The road is being paved to quiet the voice of the free press.  When media such as CNN, NY Times, BBC and others are intentionally kept out of White House briefings because of alleged “fake news?”  A dangerous precedent is being set.

So who knows what type of tweet or rants lie ahead in the next coming days, weeks, months and dreadfully years to come.  While some hope for impeachment, others just hope to survive.

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