Don’t let strong women make you nervous… Celebrate them!

Today (and yesterday for my readers in other countries) is/was International Women’s Day…  I would like to wish all women around the world a much deserved day of recognition!  Now I would like to recognize some great women from around the world.

There are many great women from the past that showed us that women are EVERY bit as capable, if not more than men at bringing inspiration, change and hope to the world!  I will start with the poet Sappho, whom Plato called one of the ten great poets.  There is also Joan of Arc, a hero to many at the young age of 17.  The name Sojourner Truth, a woman in 1851 gave a famous speech asking “Ain’t I a woman?”  She was an African-American abolitionist and women’s rights crusader.  This brings me to Susan B. Anthony.  She fought against slavery and for the equality of women.  Then we have Mother Theresa…  She was from Albania and lived a life devoted to charity work.  She won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979.  Another impactful woman is Rosa Parks.  She is an icon in the fight for civil liberties for African-Americans.  Her refusal to sit in the back of the bus was not only courageous but inspirational.  I would like to mention Shirin Ebadi, a female lawyer who fought for human rights in the country of Iran.  She won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2003.  Next we have Benazir Bhutto.  She was the first female prime minister of a Muslim country.  She had changed Pakistan from a dictatorship to a democracy.  Bhutto and Ebadi were unfortunately assassinated.  Finally, I want to mention Malala Yousafzai.  This young lady defied the Taliban and fought for the rights of education.  She was shot in the head by the Taliban, survived and has become an advocate for the rights of women and education. These are just a very small sample of women from all around the world who have accomplished great things!

The examples I have given is just scratching the surface as to the great contributions from women ALL around the world.  I feel that every day, not just today would be the right time to celebrate accomplishments of and for women.  So I challenge those of you have read my blog to find out about other women who have made an impact.  Whether it is a teacher, mentor or neighbor…  Give them the praise and recognition they deserve, but may not be receiving.  Again… Have a great International Women’s Day!

The information provided was found at (Citation: Pettinger, Tejvan. “Women who changed the world”, Oxford,, 18th April 2014.)

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2 thoughts on “Don’t let strong women make you nervous… Celebrate them!

  1. Thank you for this article as it is very well written. I used to follow Benazir Bhutto’s life and I remember exactly where I was when she was killed. I was in NYC and it was really late at night for us. It may have been around 3 am and it had brought such shock to my whole family. All the women above are truly inspirational and so are the women that are not recognized for their hard work.


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