Survival Instinct… Time to USE it!

Survival…  One of the most basic of instincts, arguably the most important.  When push comes to shove, it is survival that keeps us fighting to stay alive.  Unfortunately, the most basic of instincts does not always kick in soon enough.  A prime example would be those who continue to deny that climate change is happening at an accelerated rate.  While science can explain how changes are brought about to our climate naturally…  Science also explains how the increase in carbon, methane and other harmful entities are speeding up the extinction of not only animals but humans.

The focus on preservation has been replaced with the focus on devastation.  Starting with the US, the new administration is moving to dissolve the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  How so?  You start by making the new department head, Scott Pruitt, a person who has sued the EPA more than a dozen times.  Mostly on behalf of big business, oil, gas and coal industries.  His arguments revolve around the strict environmental regulations hindering the livelihood of the workers.  While I have my doubts that for him it is about the workers, I believe it is more for his business interests.

An online article presented by MSM, written by Daniel Dale from the Toronto Star states; “Trump’s EPA chief, Scott Pruitt, caused an uproar when he said he did not believe carbon emissions are the main driver of global warming, though they are. And a draft Trump budget, obtained by The Associated Press, would slash U.S. funding for Great Lakes restoration from $300 million to $10 million.” (Dale Mar.2017)   The biggest problem is that the people who will suffer are not those in congress.  Nor will it be the people making profits.  The suffering will come from the ones that cannot afford clean water and air.  From there, with the new health care reform, it will be the poor and elderly that will suffer from the toxic environment greed has created.  I guess big business doesn’t care that we cannot drink oil and continue breathing in toxic air?  Not as long as their idea of going green is rising profits!

The US is not the finger on the hand of environmental destruction.  There are other countries that continue to pollute the air and water.  This along with massacres of wildlife, all in the name of production, greed and sadly…  Status!  The website, lists the top 5 countries that pollute the environment.  From the top down are China, US, Brazil, Indonesia and Japan.  Other countries with high emissions are: Russia, India, Germany, Australia and Canada.  Guess what the top two sources of the emissions are?  Oil 33% and coal 43%.  This is mostly due to the amount of carbon emissions.  What people don’t realize is that everything on the Earth plays a vital role, not just in their survival, but in ours.  So why have more of us not started to fight like our lives depend on it?

While it is not too late, the point of no return is not far off.  I ask, beg and even plead for those of you who care to band together, get involved, spread awareness.  If everyone can do a small part in saving what we have left, it will allow the Earth to slowly recover… Once these precious resources are gone, they are gone.  Along with the animals, we are doomed for extinction…

China, with the most polluted cities in the world Los Ángeles

Amazonia deforestation Citarum river, Yakarta

Photos above are from the website.



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3 thoughts on “Survival Instinct… Time to USE it!

  1. Spreading awareness is the best thing we can try to do! It’s sad that most people choose to ignore what’s happening around them


      1. I don’t know why it’s so hard for people to look at the world just as it is. Many issues can be resolved sooner or later by facing them directly. On a big and small scale – worldwide, national and personal levels. Maybe it’s programmed in our DNA to look away at first because we don’t want to get our hands dirty and we love positive stuff more than anything else

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