Life, people and their labels…

Labels… They can be useful, when your are looking at or for certain ingredients.  Or checking out the nutritional value.  After all, most of us cannot see what is always on the inside (except for you Superman, lol).  For it is hidden either within the product or behind the label.  The truth is, while labels can be helpful…  They can also be very hurtful!  Especially when it comes to human beings.

Just think to yourself for a moment, how life could or would be different if we had labels about us, visible for everyone to see.  The concept reminds me of an episode of Black Mirror, where people have visual implants (like contacts) that allow you to see their social status.  Thus, seeing how popular they are or not.  That in mind, what if when you walked by someone you could see into them?  From a metaphorical standpoint…   Ultimately, you would know all about their life.  Their triumphs, struggles, fears and strengths.  Would society be so quick to judge or “label” those of us who are unique, smart, athletic, shy, insecure, etc…

Would those who choose to bully others be as intimidating, if they knew that they were now just as vulnerable?  What are the chances that “mean girls” of all ages, would act the way they do if we all could see that their lives are an open book?  The fact that (insert name here) has low self esteem and feels the need to put others down to make herself feel better.  Or that (blank) is lying about his slut-shaming posts on social media and is really impotent?  How would the world view labeling others then?

More importantly, I feel that others would not be able to hide themselves behind the same masks they use to terrorize others!  In my lifetime, I have been labeled many times over.  From grade school all the way through high school.  Yes, even after joining the “so-called” adult world.  I cannot lie, it was hurtful.  Both mentally and emotionally!  The feelings of being labeled by who people thought I was, instead of who I really am.  If they could read the label of what is really going on and what I have to offer inside…  Would they have treated me or anyone else differently?  That is hard to say…

The most important thing life has taught me about labels, is that they will bother you for as long as you let them.  The labels that are assigned to us can be ripped off, if we let it! The first step is being comfortable with who you are.  Second is loving yourself for it!  Third is to find the courage to stand up for yourself and at times stand up for others.  My advice to those who are in grade school & high school?  The same people who torment you now, will have NO IMPACT on your life… Not as long as you don’t give them the power to do so.  While social media makes things tougher to get away from, it is not impossible.  Stay strong, be yourself and time will tell who really gets labeled as the “loser, freak, etc…”

When reaching college and the “adult” world, things get a little better.  Here you have more choices to make positive strides that can separate yourself from those back in grade & HS.  It is really up to YOU!  The need to be liked is a bit overrated because society has glorified it.  The obsession with how many like or follows one has on social media is a prime example.  Everyone does it for their own reasons.  While I TRULY appreciate those who follow my blog…  My goal is to attract those who really enjoy reading my work!  I want to spread messages, provoke thought and hopefully make a difference!  Numbers are not my focus, my writing and messages are…  I have a saying; “I’m not trying to be famous, I’m just trying to make a difference!”  While it has taken me many years to find this path I am on, I am grateful for finally finding it.

So be strong, be compassionate and be the difference.  Not just in your life, but others!  It is never too early or too late to chose your path!  “Safe travels…”

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