We are all much more than ORDINARY!

Bland, vanilla, plain are words that can be synonymous with “ordinary.”  This can be traced back to my last post that was “prompted” by the word label.  Ordinary can be considered insulting, depending on the context.  This would be especially true in terms of people!  In my opinion, labeling a person as ordinary is just a way of saying that you are too blind to see what is extraordinary about them!

Whether we believe it or not, we ALL have traits that make us more than ordinary.  Sometimes though, it can be hard for us to see that.  The push by society for looking like the “perfect” man or woman.  Then there are all the status symbols that are made to define us: clothes, cars, make-up, electronics and numerous other materialistic entities.  The wrong messages have been sent for so long, they have become in a sense, hereditary.  Of all types of traits to pass along, the trait of believing that a persons worth is tied into their status…  In one that I would like to see erased from the metaphorical gene pool.  Society has taught us not to look at a person’s worth by who they are but rather what they are wearing, driving and even who they are involved with.

How do we change the way we see people as “ordinary?”  It starts with looking within ourselves!  Having the confidence and strength to acknowledge that while we may seem. plain or that we lead bland lives…  This is far from the truth.  We do not take enough time to give ourselves credit for the things we accomplish day to day.  There has been the mentality of what can I do to be better, how can I give more?  There is nothing wrong with wanting to improve ourselves.  Furthermore, there is also NOTHING wrong with accepting who we are, where we are in the moment…  With the caveat that we believe there is MORE for us to accomplish, in good time!

Along with this, we should take the time to recognize the extraordinary things about our friends, family and even strangers.  Just because you may not know somebody personally, does not mean you cannot recognize something special about them.  It may take longer with some more than others though, I will admit.  While for some (eg… trump) you may look until doomsday and still find nothing!  Just sayin…

My point is this… There is a lot of work to do to break the stigma of what defines us as ordinary.  Like anything else, the more we get ourselves to buy in, the easier it will be for others to believe it in themselves.  This is not about delivering “lip-service.”  Rather, this all about realizing that words like plain and vanilla should be reserved for describing foods, not people!

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9 thoughts on “We are all much more than ORDINARY!

  1. A bit off-topic but it seems we don’t receive notifications when someone links to us in a post, I wanted to tell you that I tagged you for the handwriting tag! Hope you like to participate, it’s fun^^


      1. That’s awesome 🙂 I’m looking forward to it. All’s well on my side how about you though?


      2. I figured you’re busy lately, it’s nice to see you around though. And nah, I don’t mind – someone just told me that for others to receive a notification we need to link to a post, not the blog itself, so I’ll try that in a minute, let me know if you get the notification, all right? 🙂


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