Let me JOLT your awareness: Earth Day April 22

Good morning everyone…  Let me JOLT your Monday!  This coming Saturday is a very IMPORTANT day, it is Earth Day!  There are many “days” out lately that are important to people for one reason or another.  Earth Day should be considered important to ALL of us!  While there are those out there who cannot be bothered by the concept, rather the FACT of Global Warming…  Those of us who know better can help make a difference, even it is for just one day.  It is my hope that we can help make it an everyday concept V. once a year.

Within the USA there has been a major shift in the fight against “climate change” since Donald trump and his cabinet have settled into the presidency.  The fight has changed, there has been a declaration of WAR on the environment!  Take a look at who he has put into position:  The new head of the EPA, Scott Pruitt.  This man sued the Environmental PROTECTION Agency (EPA) 13 times in order to get restrictions relaxed for pollution-oriented companies.  Pruitt is in place to dismantle the EPA, eliminate IMPORTANT regulations and essentially, make it easier for companies to destroy what is left of our natural resources, wild life, clean air and water.  There has already been cuts to the EPA budget, The Great Lakes protection (which is a source of fresh/clean water for MILLIONS) and other environmental programs.  For these business men and trump it makes perfect sense…  They will not be around when the Earth looks like a desolate wasteland from some movie.  These people are willing to bleed the Earth dry, destroy the FUTURE for YOUR children and YOURSELF!  It is not only in the USA, there are crimes against the Earth happening ALL over the world.  Would you let strangers come into your home and take your food, belongings and poison your water, your air?  If you say “no.”  So why do we let others do it to the one place we need to survive?

There are so many things we can do to help make our environment last a little bit longer.  There is trying to reduce the carbon footprints, recycling and water conservation.  This is only a few examples of how small acts can add up to being a HUGE difference.  Collectively we can express our displeasure to our government officials (in some places, maybe not all).  It is about showing that we will NOT sit quietly while these environmental criminals STEAL from the Earth!  What gives them the right to just take what they feel they are entitled to in the name of their companies?  There are also other PEACEFUL options such as marches and organizations that can use our help in fighting against these companies that are destroying OUR future in the name of greed.

So I am asking to please pass this article along… Link it, tweet it, Face Book it, whichever?  Just help me spread the word as Earth Day approaches.  Help me make a difference!  For those that do, I say “thank you!”  On my behalf and those who may not have a voice; the plants, animals, water, air and the future…

(Below are a few links to articles that shows the effects of climate change along with one of my past blogs)

“If I were alive…” A poem by Mother Earth






<a href=”https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/jolt/”>Jolt</a&gt;


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