Earth Days or End of Days? It is up to YOU and I to decide…

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Around the world, whether people are willing to accept it or not…  It is or will soon be Earth Day.  This is the one day of the year where people can go out and find a reason to enjoy what nature has to offer.  For some, it is just another day, nothing special about it.  They will get into their cars and pull into a drive-through because they feel the need to NOT walk the 50 feet to go inside the fast food place.  Thus leaving a heavy carbon footprint on the atmosphere by polluting the precious air we breathe.  Others?  Maybe they will leave unneeded lights or other electrical energy consumers running as they go about their business elsewhere.  In some other places around the world, families will leave the water running, letting gallons of clean water just flow down the drain.  It is as if, the Earth has an unlimited amount of clean air, clean water and energy.  What people fail to realize is that in some countries around the world, clean air, water and sources of energy are already endangered if not near extinction.

I really wanted to be able to write an article talking about how we can celebrate Earth Day.  In these times, I feel the need to spread awareness of just how fast humans are decimating the Earth of clean air, water and resources.  We are all guilty in one way or another, it is not always intentional.  I truly believe that many of us try to make a difference, some more than others.  The importance of even a small act of preservation outweighs the notion to not be bothered to even try.  While we cannot control what happens in other countries, we can control what happens, to an extent in our surrounding areas.  Simple things such as organized clean-ups, petitioning against businesses who poison the environment, contacting government officials to voice your displeasure with policies…  In the simplest form, we can simply just recycle whenever possible or pick up that piece of litter on the ground and put it in the trash.  There are so many ways to make a difference, if we took the time.  Not even a lot of time!  A minute, hour or an afternoon.  Time is NOT on our side, the longer we take to realize what businesses, our governments and environmental reapers are doing to the ONE place we have to live…  It may be too late!

For those adults, especially ones with young children…  What will you tell them when they ask what happened to all the animals, the plants, our air and water?  When they ask what you did to help prevent the situation THEY are left to face.  The struggle to find clean air to breath and clean water to drink.  Will you tell them the truth?  That YOU are responsible for what the Earth has become, that you were too busy to be bothered at the time.  When people get older, they come to expect their children to possibly look after them and take care of them.  Just as parents are expected to take care of their children when they are young.  Can we say with an honest face that we did our best to take care of our children and their future?  The bottom line will be that ONLY people of wealth will be able to afford the luxuries of clean air and water.  Those will be the children of the same people who deplete the Earth now in the name of greed.  Under the façade of such slogans as “making America great again” just for example.  There was a time when the USA fought against climate change (which is NOT made up or a hoax!), now they have seemed to declare WAR on the planet.  They are not alone, many other countries have been and continue to be planetary-predators.

For this Earth Day I encourage all of you who read this to not only pass this on but…  To go outside and take a walk away from the city.  Try to find someplace that has actual grass, plants and trees.  Look for a pond, river or stream that doesn’t have pollution or some sort of plastic floating in it.  Search for some wildlife; birds, fish and other small creatures, maybe even non-dangerous bigger ones?  Then, before you pick up your phone…  Just take it in, a deep breathe, a splash in the water or feeding some of natures children with some seeds or peanuts.  Once you have done this, go ahead and take a picture, maybe take many, many pictures?  For if we don’t find a way to stop the WAR on the Earth?  Pictures and memories will be all we have left…

“Happy Earth Day…”


Here are some articles to look at in honour of Earth Day:


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3 thoughts on “Earth Days or End of Days? It is up to YOU and I to decide…

  1. I was kinda triggered by this Earth Day too. And I literally been saying the same thing all over: Earth Day should be every day! People are so caught up in their routine they no longer pay attention to the bigger picture…

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      1. Hey there, no worries, I understand. I’m doing well, quite busy but it’s the good kind of busy. New posts are always exciting – I’ll be stopping by every now and then! Cheers! 😀


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