Flint Philosophy: First we poison you, now we make you homeless…

Yesterday I listened to one of my go to radio stations; CBC radio.  They were running a story on the people of Flint, Michigan.  The neighbors to the south are being put into a bad-to-worse situation.  By now, you are probably aware of the Flint water crisis.  But that may depend on where you live and the type of news media you listen to.  For those not familiar, I will summarize it for you…  The city of Flint Michigan in an attempt to save the city money switched the cities water source, without initially notifying residents.  The new water source turned out to be toxic with dangerous levels of lead and contamination.  Which is a great comparison to the type of people who are responsible for this whole tragedy!

With having water that is unsafe for any practical use, one would think that the city would halt charging the residents of Flint during this period?  Ok, maybe charge them for the use of sewage (actual sewer usage, not their sewage based drinking water), toilet flushing and so forth.  Why should residents continue to pay for something that they cannot use and is a horrific health hazard?  Well the answer is simple…  Money!

ONLY in a place like the United States can you be poisoned by your own city and state, then be charged for the service…  The residents had decided not to pay their water bills, which would seem to make sense.  The rumor was that residents would NOT be charged until the water was deemed safe (But deemed safe by who? The city and state that poisoned them? REALLY!).  Currently, the city of Flint has begun to threaten these same people, the ones that were SECRETLY poisoned by their own city, with tax liens against their homes.  If they do not pay for their POISONED water, they will lose their homes to the city.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  One would hope that the state of Michigan would come to the aid of the cities residents and put a halt to the ludicrous series of events.  Crickets, crickets…   The total number of residents affected is around 8,000+ people.

On top of everything else there is ANOTHER potential (no pun intended) “nail in the coffin” for the poisoned residents of Flint; the potential loss of health care coverage!  Understanding that this will affect millions of people, but my focus is on the Flint residents for my article.  Consider how many people have had their health affected due to the greed and corruption of the city and their former representatives.  Think of how many CHILDREN that will suffer long term effects from the POISONED waters of Flint.  These are the CHILDREN of families already having to decide between paying a past due water bill or their mortgage!  Paying the city for GETTING POISONED!!!  With the latest passing of the Obama-Care repeal…  (But needs Senate approval)  If passed, how many will be able to afford their current and future health coverage?  How many men, women, and CHILDREN will die at the hands of a city, a state and even more disturbing…  Their country!  How can I place blame on the country?  Easy!  By watching the representatives that are elected to SERVE the people who voted for them decide to do nothing…  That goes all the from the lowest city official to the president of the country.  If your reply is; “Government doesn’t work that way…”  My reply to you is; “Then government doesn’t work at all…”

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