America: Lost in a MAZE of deception…

The people of America have to keep wondering just how much further their country has to fall before it hits rock bottom.  This free fall can be tied to many embarrassing, dishonest, suspicious, and self-serving acts committed by one donald trump.  The latest act revolves around the firing of the former FBI director, James Comey.  The same James Comey who was lauded by trump for stating that the Clinton e-mail investigation would resume, 11 days before the presidential election.  The same James Comey who was on the receiving end of a blown kiss from trump during a White House conference.  Yes, the same James Comey who was leading an investigation into the ties between trump and Russia.  The reasons for his firing are the same reasons that he earned praise from trump back in October…  Doing his job!

Regardless of the conflicting justifications coming out of the “Orange Office” the fact that firing the lead investigator, who coincidentally just asked for more resources to further the trump-Russia…  Does not paint a picture of innocence.  Nor does it paint a picture that the U.S. operates under the motto of “liberty and justice for all.”  Late night talk show host Trevor Noah had a piece comparing the U.S. corruption with that of third world countries.  When was the last time you heard the U.S. compared to a third world country in any respects?  The “sad” truth is that the comparisons are correct.  Take a look at those countries who are ruled by dictators and line them up with America.  The similarities are disturbing at best.  The people in power protect the rich and wealthy while the poor are forced to struggle just to survive.

In America, citizens have to wonder where will the justice come from?  Unfortunately, there are no “super hero’s” that can take down the villain.  This is not a movie where in the end; “truth, justice and the American way win out.”  For in the simplest of terms, it is the “American way” that brought them there in the first place.

(Please enjoy the EXTREMELY talented… Trevor Noah)


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