President Macron T-bags trump with his BRASSY BALLS!

“In life sometimes the reasons we leave are often the reasons we return…” (Me/2 Jun17)

By now it is no secret that donald trump and his administration has once again turned their back on the people, the climate and the world.  As if trump’ actions during his trip abroad wasn’t humiliating enough to the newest third-world country (in terms of government), the Divided States of America…  In typical trump style, he announced that he and his administration will be pulling the U.S. out of the Paris Climate Agreement.  Should we have expected anything less from him?  You would be even more foolish to expect more from the entity that has taken a country once known as “The leader of the free world” and degraded it to a third-world dictatorship, where democracy has been traded in for dollars.

Now there are other entities within his cabinet that state it is about “saving jobs” for the America.  Only those who are truly blinded by the same ethics and morals that stem from this administration cannot see the truth.  The fact of the matter is…  It is not about saving jobs, it is about making them and their capital cronies MORE money at the expense of the people, the climate and the future of the world.  Does anyone really think that the people in the mid-to-lower tax brackets are going to see ANY benefits from this?  Have they seen ANY benefits come to them as of yet?  How is that new health care bill coming along?

I was inspired by the action of the newly elected, wait…  FAIRLY ELECTED, President Macron!  Not only the way he handled himself during the meeting with trump, but how he has welcomed scientists from the U.S. to work there in order to continue the fight against the threat of climate change and environmental destruction.  In a fewer amount of days, President Macron has outshined trump on every level!  President Macron has shown what it looks like to have a REAL LEADER as president!  I applaud and stand inspired by the pledge of President Macron to “MAKE THE PLANET GREAT AGAIN…”

Viva la France!



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3 thoughts on “President Macron T-bags trump with his BRASSY BALLS!

      1. That sounds exciting! If you really have something on your mind you’ll find a way to do it! 😀


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