Going from casual to casualty.

To quote a line from Mr. Robot; “Exciting time in the world right now…”  In my statement one may not see the sarcasm, unless you’ve read my blogs before.  The term casualty is usually reserved for those who have been injured through war or some sort of violent act…  But the premise is usually war related.  In today’s world, people have gone from being casual observers to casualties.  It is easy to find examples, just look at any news headline.  There are other casualties in this siege of the wealthy & privileged: Democracy, Equality, Humanity and Justice are some off the top of my head.  But let me list some of the others; People of colour, The Poor, The Elderly and anyone who is not in the higher tax bracket!

I recently read how a tweet went out bragging about how the stock market was at it’s highest blah, blah, blah…  That is great news for the economy!  Oh wait, it is great news if you are wealthy enough to have a stock portfolio!  If you are a family struggling to survive or a homeless person on the street…  That means FUCK ALL!!!  I mean it’s not like they take Wall Cheat (Street) profits and help those struggling to get by.  That money made goes right into the FAT CATS bank account and NEVER gets to the people who really need it OR rarely to the people in the company who helped earn it!

What can be done to help change the situation?  Good question!  May I suggest it starts with the stoppage of being “casual” observers and becoming more involved!  Even if it is not politics, try helping your fellow women & men.  There are subtle and painless ways to make a difference!  One could also write or call their representatives and demand more from them!  They were elected to look after the people, not JUST the people with money.  The concerns of those who are not privileged & wealthy are met with a casual dismissal, while the casualties keep growing.

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3 thoughts on “Going from casual to casualty.

    1. Abby… “Thank you” so much for the kind words! I have just recently started writing again and it felt great. It is an even greater feeling to see that yourself and others enjoyed it. I look forward to reading your work. Take care!


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