America’s democracy is under a hostile takeover… And most citizens don’t even realize it!

Without RHYME and for all the wrong reasons, America has moved one step closer to a dictatorship and two steps further away from democracy. While the country focuses on Harvey’s aftermath, trump signed his newest executive order overturning restrictions imposed under President Obama.  The order allows local police departments to get access to military gear such as grenade launchers, tanks and bayonets.  Yes, bayonets!  All of this WITHOUT the police receiving technical training on how to safely handle the weapons.  In the article written by Ryan J. Reilly of the Huffington Post Canada titled, Trump Orders Military To Give Cops Free Grenade Launchers, Bayonets, And Tanks it states; “Trump executive order will also kill requirements that law enforcement agencies had to meet before obtaining helicopters, planes, riot helmets, batons, drones, armored and tactical vehicles, and explosives and pyrotechnics.  Under Obama’s order, police departments had to get permission from their local government, complete training requirements, and give a “persuasive” reason why they needed such equipment.  No more.”  I have provided the link to the entire article:

Why should this alarm you?  The BIGGER question is…  Why WOULD’NT this alarm you?  For starters, take long, hard look at the “anti-leader’s” decision to pardon a man who BLATANTLY disregarded a Federal Court order to stop racially profiling Latino’s.  The same “law” man who called his tent city a “concentration camp” during a recorded interview.  Now imagine what a person like that could do with military grade weapons!  Imagine what HUNDREDS or THOUSANDS of so-called “lawmen and peacekeepers” with that same mentality could do…  Are you alarmed yet?  I understand it is unfair to paint ALL law enforcement officials of sharing this mentality.  There are good people out there who truly honor the creed of “protect and serve.”  To those people, I say ‘thank you.”   Just as a reminder… It is equally unfair to paint ALL people of colour as being criminals, thugs, illegal immigrants or terrorists!

Where is this all heading?  That depends on your perspective, beliefs, awareness and loyalty.  For those who have the shield of white privilege, are loyal trump supporters or both… Arming law enforcement like the military makes perfect sense.  Who else is going to keep them safe or keep “those” people in line?  Nothing says “protect and serve” like a tank!  There is no mistake or coincidence on the timing of the pardon or this executive order!  It is a classic watch my tiny left hand, while my tiny right hand makes your democracy disappear.  The fact that a so-called leader must use a horrific catastrophe to distract from his questionable actions is worse than deplorable, it is unforgivable!

Allow me to put a few more points of interest out there.  Go back to the tragedy in Charlottesville and the comments made by trump.  Look at his refusal to speak out against those “very fine people” who marched with torches and chanted “blood and soil” just as the Nazi’s once did.  Not until he was shamed into releasing a statement finally condemning their actions, only to walk it back a day or two later!  Then let us move to the Department of Justice demanding the information of people who visited the anti-trump website site for his inauguration.  If you think that their motives were in the best interest of national security or to simply weed out the “violent” protesters?  You don’t really know what is going on around you!  While the judge did put restrictions on the warrant, who is to say that it will be followed?  Realistically, there was an ex-sheriff who defied a Federal Court order, was found guilty and then pardoned.  What stops that from happening again?

The anti-leader has witnessed first hand that some people will not sit by and allow their Constitutional & Civil rights get taken away from them.  At least not without a fight, metaphorically speaking.  As his action become more bold, the people become more outraged.  Taking away your right to privacy and arming local police like the military are just steps closer to securing his tiny iron-fisted hold on your democracy. He is afraid…  Afraid of what the power of REAL UNITY looks like, the power of the people.


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3 thoughts on “America’s democracy is under a hostile takeover… And most citizens don’t even realize it!

    1. To be fair… I believe in the actions of a person, rather than the words of others. His actions have spoken louder than any words from the media. I do agree that most mainstream media is not the best source to place blind faith but… Neither is the human condition.

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