The Protest Of A Protest: Taking A Stand While On A Knee.

The name Colin Kaepernick has grown in popularity over the past year but not for reasons that involve the National Football League (NFL) or his abilities as a quarterback.  The name Colin Kaepernick has been more involved in world of politics and civil rights than fantasy football drafts.  In the land where freedom of speech, religion and expression has gone from a Constitutional right to an optical illusion…  Many people FAIL to see the ACTUAL message behind the blinding light of white privilege, the hood of racism or the bliss of ignorance.  For those who are unclear on Kaepernick’s intentions, I have provided a link to see and hear his own words:

Fast forward to a preseason football game featuring the Cleveland Browns and New York Giants.  There were twelve players from the Browns that knelt and prayed during the national anthem.  Of these twelve players, Seth DeValve became the FIRST Caucasian/white player to kneel during the playing of the anthem.  This has sparked a growing flame of outrage that is burning into a blaze of contempt towards the NFL organization and their players.  People from not just within the city but around the country continue to fan the flames of hate by twisting the intent and the message the players were trying to send.  Instead of listening to the players stating that the kneeling has NOTHING TO DO WITH DISRESPECT FOR THE ACTIVE/RETIRED MILITARY OR POLICE…  These people CHOOSE TO IGNORE statements and CONTINUE to focus on THEIR BIASED AND FRAUDULANT MESSAGE in order to justify their racial bias, ignorance or hate!  Below is the explanation behind the Browns players demonstration:

At the time of this article, Kaepernick, who is DEFINITELY more talented than the 32 second string quarterbacks for all the NFL teams is still unemployed.  He is in the conversation for being more talented than some of the NFL starters.  How many unemployed quarterbacks have led their team to within yards of a Super Bowl win?  I am going out on a limb and say maybe… None?  While a few NFL teams have given consideration to signing him and even fewer teams actually working him out. The majority still refuse to take the chance on improving their team under the muse of distraction or disruption of team dynamics.  Realistically, nobody wants to be the Seth DeValve of NFL ownership and be the first white owner to sign him.

Additionally at the time of this article there are groups such as the Cleveland Police and EMS unions that have refused the invitation to help hold the giant flag used during opening ceremonies for opening day.  There reasons are ironically, IN PROTEST of what the Browns players did and the fact that the Browns organization backed their players RIGHT TO EXPRESSION.  This just shows you how hypocrisy of those who cannot see the true message!  Let me turn the tables a bit and ask those who refuse to hold the flag this question…  How is turning down the opportunity to hold YOUR COUNTRIES SYMBOL OF FREEDOM any more OFFENSIVE THAN KNEELING DURING THE ANTHEM?  

Let me answer that for you…  IT’S NOT !!!


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One thought on “The Protest Of A Protest: Taking A Stand While On A Knee.

  1. LOL it’d be funny if it wasn’t so sad, actually. How easy it is to make people fight each other. Find a dog ready to start a shitstorm, publish a simple story like this – the rage is on. Smh.

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