Coincidence? Help for Puerto Rico… Just not from anyone named trump!

There are many times during my blogging tenure that my articles have revolved around the state of affairs within the US and/or donald trump.  Mostly because I feel that people not just in the US, but around the world need to be informed.  While my words do contain some satire and maybe some bias (wink-wink)…  They are always based on the facts of the matter.  Today though, it is going to be different.  I am officially declaring today a “No trump day-Hump day!”  I encourage everyone else around the world to please take one day, one hour or even one moment AWAY from the chaos, frustration and embarrassment known as donald j. trump.

It is easy to unknowingly be consumed in all the horrific things that trump does…  It is because he does SOOOOOO many of them!  But there has to be times when we can look out, past his actions to catch a glimpse of the overshadowed generous acts that are taking place by people.  Here are a few that represent the good in “SOME” people that are not the “so-called” president.

Jennifer Lopez donates to help Puerto Rico.

Mark Cuban & Pitbull lend their private planes to help relief efforts.

New York steps up to help those in need in Puerto Rico.

New Yorkers Stepping Up With Relief Efforts For Hurricane-Ravaged Puerto Rico

New Jersey residents work towards getting relief to Puerto Rico

While there seems to be so much going wrong in the US…  It gives me a glimmer of hope to see how people of all facets joining together to take action, when action is needed so desperately.  I give my heart-felt “thanks” to everyone who is helping!  If you would like to help…  Please go to the provided link provided for ways to help.

Even if you cannot help with money or supplies… Spreading the word can be equally effective!  “Thank you!”

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