I am GLAAD to Express my feelings on #Spiritday

Today has been a very busy day for myself.  It is a day where I have two midterm exams.  The first one was my first class this morning and the second is soon approaching.  With all that and more going on, I still felt that I needed to EXPRESS myself (by wearing purple) and bring to light one of the issues that I feel needs our attention…  Bullying of LGBTQ youth.

Today has been deemed #SpiritDay by an inspiring organization called GLAAD.  GLAAD is a voice for LGBTQ community who does great things to bring awareness and accpetance.  The motivation behind #Spiritday is to help end the bullying against the LGBTQ youth.  Bullying in all forms is unacceptable, so please do not think I am minimizing it for all others out there.  For the youth of the LGBTQ community, it can be an even bigger problem.  Whether it is religion or personal beliefs that might have you disagreeing…  There is a bigger picture I am trying to paint.  That being the fact that others have NO RIGHT to mentally, physically, politically or in ANY other way, shape or form, resort to bullying tactics against LGBTQ adults, let alone youth.

As a child, I was bullied for other reasons other than that of being LGBTQ.  These forms of bullying changed as I grew older but the theme was still the same.  I felt worthless at times, hopeless and there were times that ending it all would make things better…  Let me speak from my heart & soul, it won’t!  I eventually found that there were good people out there.  People I could trust, people who were genuine.  That slowly started to change my world.  I was no longer alone, I had started to regain my self esteem and worth.  I had realized that it is NOT the words and opinions of others that make me what I am.  It is MY actions, MY values, MY inner strengths that MAKE ME what I am.  I began to teach myself that after time, ignorant people like that will fade away once you RECLAIM your energy and power!  I eventually learned that I am the ONLY one who gets to choose what I want to make me happy, sad, angry or scared…  NOT them!

Getting to where I am in my life today was not an easy road, but it was one that made me the person I am today, in this moment.  I am confident, caring, and inspired!  While I cannot speak from the perspective of someone who faces the challenges of living life as a member of the LGBTQ community…  I hope there are those out the in the LGBTQ community that can find some kind of inspiration, hope or strength from my words.  I have hope in this because there are plenty of times that I draw strength from those in the LGBTQ community.

Please help me spread the word and the concept of #SpiritDay!  “Thank you!”


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