Haiku Monday Meets Daily Prompt: Fluff

“Fluffy” Monday everyone…  Wherever you are and whatever time it is?  “Thank you” so much for taking the time check out my poem.  Who does this poem remind you of?  Please drop me a comment and let me know.  I have also started a Slam Poetry Thursday for anyone interested in having a peek at that.  Wish everyone well & take care!


Clouds look so fluffy

Nothing solid no substance

Reminds me of you


<a href=”https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/fluff/”>Fluff</a&gt;

via Daily Prompt: Fluff

9 thoughts on “Haiku Monday Meets Daily Prompt: Fluff

      1. Definitely! It was not always easy, I spent a good bit of time on my own. I had watched others be in false friendships and unhealthy relationships because they were afraid to be alone. It was a tough choice but, one I didn’t regret.


      1. Thanks! My original thoughts were about a revolution, but I went with clouds. I was peeking at some of your free writings. They are really enjoyable! I find it awesome that you have your work on amazon! I may have to ask you about how you got that going… If you have time to spare. Thanks again for the comments/compliments!


      2. Thank you kindly! I’m glad you enjoyed them. I only recently got obsessed with writing those short little stories. They’re a nice break from the bigger projects, and they’re all related to the Amazon stories. You’re very welcome!


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