Ignorance Past Simmer. It’s Boiling Over! Hey trump… Terror Comes In ALL Colours!

What does it say about a country where murders committed by white males are NEVER as alarming as when by a person of colour and of foreign nationality?  How is it that when an immigrant runs people down with a vehicle there is a call for the death penalty by the president?  But when a white nationalist, neo-nazi gets into a car and runs a vehicle into a crowd and kills a woman…  There is no call for “extreme” punishment or a death penalty.  Nope!  Instead, there was a statement that read “there was violence on many sides…”  After the mass shooting in Las Vegas, it was stated “now is not the time to talk about this…”  But when an immigrant kills people…  There is a demand for change!  I agree, there needs to be change.  There needs to be a change in an adminstration that sees WHITE MURDERERS as less of a threat than those of foreign decent or people of colour!

It seems as if the “terrorist” label is strictly reserved for people of Muslim decent or any other nationality that even slightly resembles it.  When a white individual commits a crime such as the Las Vegas shooting, they are “deranged, sick.”  I wish someone from that administration could explain how the white neo-nazi murdered from Charlottesville is ANY different from the person who drove a rental truck into the people of NYC.  I will require a better explanation than stating the obvious; the crime in NYC was committed by a non-white immigrant!  When you compare the two individuals, here are the commonalities:

  • Both were radicalized, one by white supremacy and the other by ISIS
  • They both used vehicles to commit murder
  • Both acted alone

Here is the difference between them:

  • One is US citizen by birth (seems like that should make it worse, no?), the other through immigration
  • One is caucasan, the other is not
  • One has not triggered the president to call for the death penalty, the other one has (Guess who is who?)
  • One has been labeled a terrorist, the other “sick”


After looking over the similarities and differences betweem these two individuals, I have come to one conclusion.  No matter if your are born or brought to the US, no matter the colour of your skin…  Whether you shoot innocent people or run them over with a vehicle, you are a murdered.  That is the only label that needs to be given!



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