Haiku Monday meets Daily Prompt: Cacophony

This now represents the second week of my new weekly post: Haiku Monday.  While traditional Haiku does not have a title, I am attempting to revolve the poem around the word of the day.  It will not always include the word but will be related to its meaning.  I just thought it would add to the challenge.  Please enjoy my three lines of expression…


Having the best words

Open mouth release the lies

More noise pollution


“Thank you” for taking the time to be a part of my Haiku Monday!


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I am GLAAD to Express my feelings on #Spiritday

Today has been a very busy day for myself.  It is a day where I have two midterm exams.  The first one was my first class this morning and the second is soon approaching.  With all that and more going on, I still felt that I needed to EXPRESS myself (by wearing purple) and bring to light one of the issues that I feel needs our attention…  Bullying of LGBTQ youth.

Today has been deemed #SpiritDay by an inspiring organization called GLAAD.  GLAAD is a voice for LGBTQ community who does great things to bring awareness and accpetance.  The motivation behind #Spiritday is to help end the bullying against the LGBTQ youth.  Bullying in all forms is unacceptable, so please do not think I am minimizing it for all others out there.  For the youth of the LGBTQ community, it can be an even bigger problem.  Whether it is religion or personal beliefs that might have you disagreeing…  There is a bigger picture I am trying to paint.  That being the fact that others have NO RIGHT to mentally, physically, politically or in ANY other way, shape or form, resort to bullying tactics against LGBTQ adults, let alone youth.

As a child, I was bullied for other reasons other than that of being LGBTQ.  These forms of bullying changed as I grew older but the theme was still the same.  I felt worthless at times, hopeless and there were times that ending it all would make things better…  Let me speak from my heart & soul, it won’t!  I eventually found that there were good people out there.  People I could trust, people who were genuine.  That slowly started to change my world.  I was no longer alone, I had started to regain my self esteem and worth.  I had realized that it is NOT the words and opinions of others that make me what I am.  It is MY actions, MY values, MY inner strengths that MAKE ME what I am.  I began to teach myself that after time, ignorant people like that will fade away once you RECLAIM your energy and power!  I eventually learned that I am the ONLY one who gets to choose what I want to make me happy, sad, angry or scared…  NOT them!

Getting to where I am in my life today was not an easy road, but it was one that made me the person I am today, in this moment.  I am confident, caring, and inspired!  While I cannot speak from the perspective of someone who faces the challenges of living life as a member of the LGBTQ community…  I hope there are those out the in the LGBTQ community that can find some kind of inspiration, hope or strength from my words.  I have hope in this because there are plenty of times that I draw strength from those in the LGBTQ community.

Please help me spread the word and the concept of #SpiritDay!  “Thank you!”


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Monday Haiku

Going for something different… Thought about making Monday’s a Haiku kind of day.  I will try to include the prompt word of the day, when ever possible.  But this does not mean that is the title, keeping within the true spirit of Haiku guidelines.  These poems are my own creations.  I hope everyone enjoys them!


Loyalty is earned

Actions are stronger than words

My friendship is true


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Eminem inspired my latest poem…

When I first had seen that “Fraud” was the word of the day, can you imagine the first word I associated with it?  Yes, that word is trump!  I could easily write an article about him but, today I was inspired.  I had just watched the video that artist Eminem performed the other night.  It was F-N BRILLIANT!

Watching this lit a fire within my soul!  I have written poetry on my blog before.  I have been writing since high school, on and off.  I am starting to think, I need to keep that switch flipped in the on position.  I am going to express myself in Haiku, which is a style that I find extremely challenging.  But today, I am especially inspired!

Foster lies and hate

That is not a president

Simply just a fraud


This poem is dedicated to the people who represent EVERYTHING that is not donald trump and his administration!  The ones who believe in FREEDOM of SPEECH, FREEDOM of PRESS and a WOMAN’s RIGHT to CHOOSE!  To the people who see past the colour of skin and look to the goodness of ones heart!  For those who choose to TAKE a STAND by TAKING a KNEE!  To the athletes and celebrities who use their platform to be the voice of the voiceless!  For those non-athletes/celebrities who STAND UP for the RIGHTS of LGBTQ, the RIGHTS of WOMEN’s EQUALITY and STANDING behind those who are bullied because they are “different!”  To all those mentioned above and everyone in between…  “Thank you!”

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Since When Did “Patriotism” Become Fashionable?

Who would have thought the term patriotism would become FASHIONABLE?  Well it seems that trump supporters have been using this word to describe themselves and/or others without really earning it.  I may be biased due to the fact that I have served and played a part in defending freedoms for more than one country.  Does that make me a patriot?  In my mind no.  But it makes me think that I have at least earned the right to include myself in the conversation.

There have been too many times that when I scroll over a profile on Twitter, I see them describing themselves as a patriot.  They are usually the likes of someone who wouldn’t last 5 minutes through training, let alone being ready to die for not so much their freedoms, but the freedoms of others.  They can scream MAGA, trump-train and all the other meaningless catch-phrases they want…  It still doesn’t make them a patriot!

These are the same people who want to take advantage of the F**K*D up state that America is in under this administration.  But when push comes to shove, how many will be willing to enlist, train and fight a war to protect these same advantages?  There will always be a small handful, a very small handful.  I mean a tiny trump-sized handful!  What these people fail to realize is that you do NOT have to serve to be a patriot.  But you will need to be more than a internet-warrior and Twitter troll!

So my message to all those “fake” patriots out there is this:  If you feel that what “YOUR” president (NOT MINE!) is doing is really MAGA?  Then sign yourself up and serve the country for a few years, put the freedoms of others before yourselves and be willing to give the ULTIMATE sacrifice for what you, “your president,” and others like you believe in.  Then and MAYBE then, can you consider calling yourselves “patriots.”

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Coincidence? Help for Puerto Rico… Just not from anyone named trump!

There are many times during my blogging tenure that my articles have revolved around the state of affairs within the US and/or donald trump.  Mostly because I feel that people not just in the US, but around the world need to be informed.  While my words do contain some satire and maybe some bias (wink-wink)…  They are always based on the facts of the matter.  Today though, it is going to be different.  I am officially declaring today a “No trump day-Hump day!”  I encourage everyone else around the world to please take one day, one hour or even one moment AWAY from the chaos, frustration and embarrassment known as donald j. trump.

It is easy to unknowingly be consumed in all the horrific things that trump does…  It is because he does SOOOOOO many of them!  But there has to be times when we can look out, past his actions to catch a glimpse of the overshadowed generous acts that are taking place by people.  Here are a few that represent the good in “SOME” people that are not the “so-called” president.

Jennifer Lopez donates to help Puerto Rico.


Mark Cuban & Pitbull lend their private planes to help relief efforts.


New York steps up to help those in need in Puerto Rico.

New Yorkers Stepping Up With Relief Efforts For Hurricane-Ravaged Puerto Rico

New Jersey residents work towards getting relief to Puerto Rico


While there seems to be so much going wrong in the US…  It gives me a glimmer of hope to see how people of all facets joining together to take action, when action is needed so desperately.  I give my heart-felt “thanks” to everyone who is helping!  If you would like to help…  Please go to the provided link provided for ways to help.


Even if you cannot help with money or supplies… Spreading the word can be equally effective!  “Thank you!”

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Future Forecast: A Far From GLORIOUS Outlook For The US And The World.

As if Mondays aren’t difficult enough to navigate?  Throw in the fact that the weather report shows nothing but gloomy skies and rain…  I should consider myself and maybe the rest of the world fortunate that it hasn’t started raining various missiles and nuclear warheads yet!  But I have a feeling that the forecast for the world, does in fact have a serious storm system approaching.  The world can “thank” one Mr. donald j. trump!  Not only has he been provoking North Korea over the past months, but he sent out childish tweets this past weekend.  In these tweets, he called the leader of North Korea, “Rocketman.”   Below is a link to the story.


While some may look at this as humorous,  let us look at it for what it REALLY is…  A sign of STUPIDITY!  With the accelerated advancement of North Korea’s missiles…  Maybe taunting the leader of a country who has nothing to lose isn’t the best idea?  But honestly, what good idea(s) has this poor excuse for a leader come up with?  I mean, an original one!  Not one thought up by his think-tank of yes men & women.  You can try to google it, ask Siri, Alexa & Cortina and you would come up with NOTHING!

What does it mean to an individual who has dodged the draft, meaning FAILURE to SERVE & PROTECT the country numerous times?  The answers are simple!



I am not sure he has the mental capacity to read between the lines but…  Look at who is showing some support for North Korea; Russia, China and possibly Iran.  If trump thinks that the USA can survive a fight with this group?  There would be no good reason to hide that nuclear football from him.  Even more importantly, since distancing the US from it’s once treasured allies…  Where does he expect to find help?  He isn’t succeeding in “MAGA!”  He is ushering in the extinction of not just people, but the extinction of resources.  In a nuclear war scenario between two or more of these countries; how much land and water would remain usable?  For those who think they are not directly affected?  Think again!  Some may want to watch movies like Mad Max to get an idea of what a post-apocalyptic world looks like.  I am sure that the movie version is much more generous.

I encourage all my readers to share this story.  You do not have to be directly in the missiles path to realize the dangers that are potentially ahead.  I am not here to preach about the end of the world.  I am simply here to show everyone just how close we are to it.  Sleep easy my friends…

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