Celebrating the Loss of Healthcare for Millions

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It was a day worth celebrating for Republican supporters of the bill repealing healthcare benefits offered in the Affordable Care Act. Their “win,” which if followed by another “win” in the Senate, will result in countless deaths—a reason to celebrate, for them. The wealthiest country in the free world, it would appear, has the greediest politicians.

Our retribution will come on Election Day. The following members of the House of Representatives who voted yes are up for reelection next year:
*Jason Chaffetz rolled in to vote yes to the bill that cuts healthcare coverage for millions of taxpayers, after having had his own elective surgery on a preexisting condition—paid for by tax payers.

The phrase that comes to mind when I think of this attitude toward healthcare is “There but for the grace of God go I.” I live in recognition that others misfortunes could be my own. I understand…

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Flint Philosophy: First we poison you, now we make you homeless…

Yesterday I listened to one of my go to radio stations; CBC radio.  They were running a story on the people of Flint, Michigan.  The neighbors to the south are being put into a bad-to-worse situation.  By now, you are probably aware of the Flint water crisis.  But that may depend on where you live and the type of news media you listen to.  For those not familiar, I will summarize it for you…  The city of Flint Michigan in an attempt to save the city money switched the cities water source, without initially notifying residents.  The new water source turned out to be toxic with dangerous levels of lead and contamination.  Which is a great comparison to the type of people who are responsible for this whole tragedy!

With having water that is unsafe for any practical use, one would think that the city would halt charging the residents of Flint during this period?  Ok, maybe charge them for the use of sewage (actual sewer usage, not their sewage based drinking water), toilet flushing and so forth.  Why should residents continue to pay for something that they cannot use and is a horrific health hazard?  Well the answer is simple…  Money!

ONLY in a place like the United States can you be poisoned by your own city and state, then be charged for the service…  The residents had decided not to pay their water bills, which would seem to make sense.  The rumor was that residents would NOT be charged until the water was deemed safe (But deemed safe by who? The city and state that poisoned them? REALLY!).  Currently, the city of Flint has begun to threaten these same people, the ones that were SECRETLY poisoned by their own city, with tax liens against their homes.  If they do not pay for their POISONED water, they will lose their homes to the city.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  One would hope that the state of Michigan would come to the aid of the cities residents and put a halt to the ludicrous series of events.  Crickets, crickets…   The total number of residents affected is around 8,000+ people.

On top of everything else there is ANOTHER potential (no pun intended) “nail in the coffin” for the poisoned residents of Flint; the potential loss of health care coverage!  Understanding that this will affect millions of people, but my focus is on the Flint residents for my article.  Consider how many people have had their health affected due to the greed and corruption of the city and their former representatives.  Think of how many CHILDREN that will suffer long term effects from the POISONED waters of Flint.  These are the CHILDREN of families already having to decide between paying a past due water bill or their mortgage!  Paying the city for GETTING POISONED!!!  With the latest passing of the Obama-Care repeal…  (But needs Senate approval)  If passed, how many will be able to afford their current and future health coverage?  How many men, women, and CHILDREN will die at the hands of a city, a state and even more disturbing…  Their country!  How can I place blame on the country?  Easy!  By watching the representatives that are elected to SERVE the people who voted for them decide to do nothing…  That goes all the from the lowest city official to the president of the country.  If your reply is; “Government doesn’t work that way…”  My reply to you is; “Then government doesn’t work at all…”

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None: Quantifies the amount of decency Joe Walsh has…

Whether or not you find the antics of late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel entertaining…  One thing we should all be able to agree on is his take on the importance of health care for those who cannot afford it.  Some may say that he is a millionaire so why should he care?  Maybe, just maybe it is because he is a human being and a father.  Or maybe Jimmy Kimmel is just a person who realizes that he is fortunate to be in the financial position he is in.  Well, it is possible he is just a decent human being.  The same CANNOT be said about one former Republican named Joe Walsh.

This former Illinois senator from January 2011-January 2013 has a history of crude and controversial remarks.  The paragraphs below were taken from his Wikipedia page and gives you an insight into what kind of person he is.

Controversial statements

On June 19, 2014, Walsh was removed from his radio show for using racially charged language. He was on air again the next day. WIND general manager Jeff Reisman commented: “During the segment Joe intended to cite several common racial slurs as examples. He did not in any way use them in a defamatory or derogatory manner, simply as examples. However, AM 560 The Answer did not allow them to go on the air. AM 560 The Answer has a policy of not using certain words on the air that are highly inflammatory and offensive even in the context of a discussion of why those words are offensive. We will continue that policy.”[76][77]

On July 7, 2016, the night of the 2016 shooting of Dallas police officers, Walsh wrote on Twitter, “This is now war. Watch out Obama. Watch out Black Lives Matter punks. Real America is coming after you.” These comments were interpreted by some as threats.[78][79] After deleting the tweet (by his account it was deleted by Twitter), Walsh wrote later, “I wasn’t calling for violence, against Obama or anyone. Obama’s words and BLM’s deeds have gotten cops killed. Time for us to defend our cops.”[80] The next morning, Walsh stated in an interview with the Chicago Tribune that Twitter suspended his account and deleted the tweet itself: “The pre-condition for me reopening my account was they had to delete that tweet.” He said, “Of course I didn’t mean ‘let’s go kill Obama and Black Lives Matter.’ I was not trying to incite violence against Obama and Black Lives Matter. That’s crazy and stupid and wrong. It would end my career and it’s wrong.”[81]

On October 24, 2016, Walsh wrote on Twitter, “On November 8th, I’m voting for Trump. On November 9th, if Trump loses, I’m grabbing my musket. You in?”[82] When Jake Tapper asked him what he meant, Walsh responded, “It means protesting. Participating in acts of civil disobedience. Doing what it takes to get our country back.”[83] The New York Post wrote that “some took his tweet as a call for violent insurrection.”[84]

On May 2, 2017, Walsh wrote on Twitter, “Sorry Jimmy Kimmel: your sad story doesn’t obligate me or anybody else to pay for somebody else’s health care.”[85] in reference to a 13 minute monologue delivered by late night host Jimmy Kimmel discussing his son’s congenital heart defect and his belief that covering pre-existing conditions is an important part of healthcare in the United States.


It is very well possible that he can be making these statements to simply garner reactions and ratings for his radio shows.  There is also the possibility that he belongs in the same category as Rush Limbaugh, Alex Jones or Bill O’Reilly?  In my opinion, he is exactly what the new administration’s followers represent; racism, white privilege and everything else trump.  This is the new America ladies and gentlemen.  While it is not representative of all the U.S. citizens…  This is the type of people and the type of mentality a president such as trump empowers.

I could go on and write numerous negative lines about Joe Walsh.  I prefer to let his own words speak the volumes for me.  You see…  I am not a fan of Jimmy Kimmel, nor his show.  But I am a fan of ANYONE who is willing to recognize the importance of health care for their families.  ANYONE who believes that choices should not have to be made financially when it comes to saving the lives of their children.  Today I have become a Jimmy Kimmel fan.  Not because of his show, but because of his empathy and decency!  Both of which Joe Walsh…  You have NONE of!

PS:  In case you might be wondering?  YES, I will definitely be sending him a link to my blog via twitter…

Joe Walsh tweets about Jimmy Kimmel’s ‘sad story,’ receives major backlash

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Earth Days or End of Days? It is up to YOU and I to decide…

Image result for earth day 2017Image by: askideas.com

Around the world, whether people are willing to accept it or not…  It is or will soon be Earth Day.  This is the one day of the year where people can go out and find a reason to enjoy what nature has to offer.  For some, it is just another day, nothing special about it.  They will get into their cars and pull into a drive-through because they feel the need to NOT walk the 50 feet to go inside the fast food place.  Thus leaving a heavy carbon footprint on the atmosphere by polluting the precious air we breathe.  Others?  Maybe they will leave unneeded lights or other electrical energy consumers running as they go about their business elsewhere.  In some other places around the world, families will leave the water running, letting gallons of clean water just flow down the drain.  It is as if, the Earth has an unlimited amount of clean air, clean water and energy.  What people fail to realize is that in some countries around the world, clean air, water and sources of energy are already endangered if not near extinction.

I really wanted to be able to write an article talking about how we can celebrate Earth Day.  In these times, I feel the need to spread awareness of just how fast humans are decimating the Earth of clean air, water and resources.  We are all guilty in one way or another, it is not always intentional.  I truly believe that many of us try to make a difference, some more than others.  The importance of even a small act of preservation outweighs the notion to not be bothered to even try.  While we cannot control what happens in other countries, we can control what happens, to an extent in our surrounding areas.  Simple things such as organized clean-ups, petitioning against businesses who poison the environment, contacting government officials to voice your displeasure with policies…  In the simplest form, we can simply just recycle whenever possible or pick up that piece of litter on the ground and put it in the trash.  There are so many ways to make a difference, if we took the time.  Not even a lot of time!  A minute, hour or an afternoon.  Time is NOT on our side, the longer we take to realize what businesses, our governments and environmental reapers are doing to the ONE place we have to live…  It may be too late!

For those adults, especially ones with young children…  What will you tell them when they ask what happened to all the animals, the plants, our air and water?  When they ask what you did to help prevent the situation THEY are left to face.  The struggle to find clean air to breath and clean water to drink.  Will you tell them the truth?  That YOU are responsible for what the Earth has become, that you were too busy to be bothered at the time.  When people get older, they come to expect their children to possibly look after them and take care of them.  Just as parents are expected to take care of their children when they are young.  Can we say with an honest face that we did our best to take care of our children and their future?  The bottom line will be that ONLY people of wealth will be able to afford the luxuries of clean air and water.  Those will be the children of the same people who deplete the Earth now in the name of greed.  Under the façade of such slogans as “making America great again” just for example.  There was a time when the USA fought against climate change (which is NOT made up or a hoax!), now they have seemed to declare WAR on the planet.  They are not alone, many other countries have been and continue to be planetary-predators.

For this Earth Day I encourage all of you who read this to not only pass this on but…  To go outside and take a walk away from the city.  Try to find someplace that has actual grass, plants and trees.  Look for a pond, river or stream that doesn’t have pollution or some sort of plastic floating in it.  Search for some wildlife; birds, fish and other small creatures, maybe even non-dangerous bigger ones?  Then, before you pick up your phone…  Just take it in, a deep breathe, a splash in the water or feeding some of natures children with some seeds or peanuts.  Once you have done this, go ahead and take a picture, maybe take many, many pictures?  For if we don’t find a way to stop the WAR on the Earth?  Pictures and memories will be all we have left…

“Happy Earth Day…”


Here are some articles to look at in honour of Earth Day:






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Let me JOLT your awareness: Earth Day April 22

Good morning everyone…  Let me JOLT your Monday!  This coming Saturday is a very IMPORTANT day, it is Earth Day!  There are many “days” out lately that are important to people for one reason or another.  Earth Day should be considered important to ALL of us!  While there are those out there who cannot be bothered by the concept, rather the FACT of Global Warming…  Those of us who know better can help make a difference, even it is for just one day.  It is my hope that we can help make it an everyday concept V. once a year.

Within the USA there has been a major shift in the fight against “climate change” since Donald trump and his cabinet have settled into the presidency.  The fight has changed, there has been a declaration of WAR on the environment!  Take a look at who he has put into position:  The new head of the EPA, Scott Pruitt.  This man sued the Environmental PROTECTION Agency (EPA) 13 times in order to get restrictions relaxed for pollution-oriented companies.  Pruitt is in place to dismantle the EPA, eliminate IMPORTANT regulations and essentially, make it easier for companies to destroy what is left of our natural resources, wild life, clean air and water.  There has already been cuts to the EPA budget, The Great Lakes protection (which is a source of fresh/clean water for MILLIONS) and other environmental programs.  For these business men and trump it makes perfect sense…  They will not be around when the Earth looks like a desolate wasteland from some movie.  These people are willing to bleed the Earth dry, destroy the FUTURE for YOUR children and YOURSELF!  It is not only in the USA, there are crimes against the Earth happening ALL over the world.  Would you let strangers come into your home and take your food, belongings and poison your water, your air?  If you say “no.”  So why do we let others do it to the one place we need to survive?

There are so many things we can do to help make our environment last a little bit longer.  There is trying to reduce the carbon footprints, recycling and water conservation.  This is only a few examples of how small acts can add up to being a HUGE difference.  Collectively we can express our displeasure to our government officials (in some places, maybe not all).  It is about showing that we will NOT sit quietly while these environmental criminals STEAL from the Earth!  What gives them the right to just take what they feel they are entitled to in the name of their companies?  There are also other PEACEFUL options such as marches and organizations that can use our help in fighting against these companies that are destroying OUR future in the name of greed.

So I am asking to please pass this article along… Link it, tweet it, Face Book it, whichever?  Just help me spread the word as Earth Day approaches.  Help me make a difference!  For those that do, I say “thank you!”  On my behalf and those who may not have a voice; the plants, animals, water, air and the future…

(Below are a few links to articles that shows the effects of climate change along with one of my past blogs)

“If I were alive…” A poem by Mother Earth






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An accurate MEASURE of ourselves…

Measuring is an every day, every other moment occurrence in the world.  I do not mean in terms of just cooking, building finding the right size shoe.  There is something inside of us that at times, cannot help but to measure ourselves against strangers, peers, friends and even family.  While this may be a conventional form of quantifying where exactly we stand in life…  I will contend that it can also be troubling and counter-productive.  The ability to measure is used to define success in certain areas such as music sales, work productivity and healthy eating.  In my mind, when we measure ourselves against other people, we can often sell ourselves short.

What is it about us that compels the need to measure ourselves against others?  Is it vanity that makes us look at someone and think that we are smarter, prettier or more capable than them?  Is it an insecurity, the need to project a false sense of confidence of being better?  Maybe instead of looking at others to measure ourselves, it would be more beneficial to just look in the mirror.  While for some it may not be easy!  In the end, this is where we can find a true measurement.

Society does not make it easy on us!  There are few companies that preach in being ok with what you wear, how much money you have (or don’t) and even what we aspire our bodies to look like.  Social media is another factor that oozes of negativity at times.  Over the recent while, articles of body-shaming have become more rampant.  EG… The Playboy model who took pictures of the woman in a California gym.  That was a little bit ago but is a glaring example of someone who may be viewed as pretty on the outside, is horrific on the inside!  One of the latest instances I had seen is where a man went on Tinder to body-shame a full figured woman.  It is in these moments where having the ability to accept, respect and love ourselves is of the GREATEST importance.

Most of my life, I grew up as the kind of guy who was ALWAYS good enough to be the girls best friend, but never the boyfriend.  Ah yes, the dreaded friend zone!  LoL!  I used to question so much about myself.  My looks mostly!  Inside I knew that I was a great person; caring, smart (most of the time), loyal, etc…  But why was that not good enough?  More importantly, why was that not good enough for ME?  It wasn’t until much later in my life that I realized that I am good enough.  It took a lot of time questioning, crying and wallowing in self-pity before FINALLY saying; ” I am not just good enough, I am GREAT!”  I focused on what made me the person that I am, taking all my great qualities and harnessing that energy and projecting it in positive ways.  There was the realization it wasn’t about brands, money or status.  It was about carrying myself with respect, dignity and self-love that would provide me with the strength to move forward.  Even when those tried REALLY hard to hold me back!

It is really easy to look at ourselves and see the things we don’t like.  Then it can be even tougher when we compare ourselves to others.  You and me, we have so many great qualities to offer.  Not just ourselves but to others.  WE just have to believe that!  There is something to be said for finding that “inner peace.”  It took me what seems forever, but I believe I finally found it.  My life has been so different, in a positive way!  So I ask all of us to take time and find the things that make us the great person that we are.  Maybe we can write it down on a piece of paper by the mirror?  Look at it and write down something positive, every day or every other day.  Build that list!  It is NEVER too late to start realizing that when we measure ourselves in negative ways, it only pushes us farther away from accepting who we truly are.  Then we would be missing out on the GREAT person we can easily find looking back us in the mirror…


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Unravel: Watching what is happening to basic human decency. Yeah, I mean you United Airlines!

By now some of you may have heard what happened just the other day on a United Airlines flight, if not let me catch you up…  There was a flight where United Airlines needed to get a few of there workers to a destination.  They had filled the booking for that flight and had asked if the “customers” would voluntarily give up their seats for reimbursement.  There were no takers.  The reality of it is this… It is United Airlines problem, not the paying customers who may have booked months in advance!  What the hell good is a reservation if you can be kicked off?  Especially for reasons, that you would think a multi-million dollar company SHOULD be able to handle!  I am pretty sure that unless you buy some high-priced flight insurance, WE the CUSTOMERS cannot just say minutes before the flight; “Nah, I think I changed my mind.”  Regardless of how the company spin it; the ends do not justify the means!  Especially in this instance!

Getting back to the incident…  When no “paying customer” took up United on their offer, they randomly selected a few people.  One gentleman who was selected did not want to leave.  Why should he have to?  This man was a doctor, who had patients waiting for him back at home.  Does United plan on reimbursing him for the cost of the patients he would not get to see?  Or how about the patients themselves, why should they have to be inconvenienced due to a simple overbooking mistake made by a multi-million dollar company?  Obviously it is because United simply is too big to care about “the customer,” remember them?  We are only the ones who make their existence possible…

What happens next when the DOCTOR refuses to leave is a pathetic display and a GROSS abuse of assault on a man, who PAID for the right to fly to his next destination.  I have posted a link that includes the story and video of what happened.  Not only did this “customer” face physical abuse but how about his dignity?  Maybe United should have just made other arrangements on whatever end they were short.  Or maybe this novel idea; inconvenience the people who actually WORK for you instead of the CUSTOMERS who keep you in business!

But you see, that is not how big business treats people.  This goes deeper than an OBVIOUSLY mismanaged multi-million dollar airline.  One that cannot figure out it’s own personnel issues without disrupting the ONE group of people who PAY to be on that specific flight for specific reasons!  Imagine if you were a person going to meet their children, or worse yet a dying relative?  Then you had to be forcibly removed because an airline CANNOT manage their own booking numbers!  Are you or are you NOT a F-N multi-million dollar airline?

This is an unfortunate lesson that some of us have learned in the past and may in the future…  Big business cares about one thing, and it is not the customer!  When we chose to support companies, maybe we should look a little deeper before deciding to support them.  Not always are we given the choice or who we consume from.  But when it comes to instances like this, maybe we should?  If nothing else, just to REMIND these “too big to fail” businesses that WE the CUSTOMERS can dictate where our money goes!  REMIND them that WE the CUSTOMERS will NOT tolerate being treated as badly or worse than how they treat our luggage!


*Note*  I have just seen reports of news agencies bringing up the past crimes of the man removed from the United Airlines flight.  The point of my article is focused on how the situation was handled.  This could have been ANY one of us!  The past crimes of the man are not relevant to THIS incident.  Additionally, the CEO is now saying the man was belligerent.  The video says otherwise!


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