Disobeying the laws of basic humanity: The Massacre in the Amazon

If a massacre happens in the remote jungles of the Amazon…  Does anyone hear the screams?  While it may be too late for saving the victims of the Brazilian tribe, it is not too late to prevent these atrocities from becoming a regular occurrence.  But who will step in and do something?  The government?  Some feel that the government has not done enough to protect these tribes.  An online story written by Cleve R. Wootson Jr. of the Washington Post contains a quote from Stephen Corry, the director of Survival International expressing his concerns about the lack of government action.  Corry states:

“If these reports are confirmed, [Brazilian President Michel Temer] and his government bear a heavy responsibility for this genocidal attack,” said Survival International’s director, Stephen Corry. Corry said the government has slashed funds for an agency that protects the tribes, leaving them “defenseless against thousands of invaders — gold miners, ranchers and loggers — who are desperate to steal and ransack their lands.”

This is the link to the full article:


Once again history repeats itself…  The stealing from and killing of Indigenous people!  This has been a disgusting trend throughout the course of history and many are guilty of it: people, corporations and governments.  It may be safe to conclude that the only thing that saved the Water Protectors in the Dakota Access Pipeline protests were laws and exposure.  What I mean is this…  Had those events taken place in some remote area where it could be hidden from the public eye, I am confident some would have met a different fate.  If you go back and take a look at how the peaceful protesters were met with water cannons during the coldest months of the year, law enforcement dressed in riot gear and PRIVATE security firms that used pepper spray and guard dogs to use against the protesters.  These firms claimed they were attacked by protesters, which had yet to be proven!  If this is what happens in the public eye, imagine what happens in the blind spots of the world.

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In a world that brags about the advances in technologies, we cannot be proud of our progress in humanity.  We have not learned from past mistakes.  Why?  Maybe it is because deep down, people just don’t want to.  That would mean actually acknowledging the fact that there is more concern for resources and the money it brings, than the people it ends up effecting.  People would have to take off their mask of empathy and reveal who they truly are.  Unfortunately, they are not ready, willing or able to accept looking at the face behind the mask.



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The Protest Of A Protest: Taking A Stand While On A Knee.

The name Colin Kaepernick has grown in popularity over the past year but not for reasons that involve the National Football League (NFL) or his abilities as a quarterback.  The name Colin Kaepernick has been more involved in world of politics and civil rights than fantasy football drafts.  In the land where freedom of speech, religion and expression has gone from a Constitutional right to an optical illusion…  Many people FAIL to see the ACTUAL message behind the blinding light of white privilege, the hood of racism or the bliss of ignorance.  For those who are unclear on Kaepernick’s intentions, I have provided a link to see and hear his own words:


Fast forward to a preseason football game featuring the Cleveland Browns and New York Giants.  There were twelve players from the Browns that knelt and prayed during the national anthem.  Of these twelve players, Seth DeValve became the FIRST Caucasian/white player to kneel during the playing of the anthem.  This has sparked a growing flame of outrage that is burning into a blaze of contempt towards the NFL organization and their players.  People from not just within the city but around the country continue to fan the flames of hate by twisting the intent and the message the players were trying to send.  Instead of listening to the players stating that the kneeling has NOTHING TO DO WITH DISRESPECT FOR THE ACTIVE/RETIRED MILITARY OR POLICE…  These people CHOOSE TO IGNORE statements and CONTINUE to focus on THEIR BIASED AND FRAUDULANT MESSAGE in order to justify their racial bias, ignorance or hate!  Below is the explanation behind the Browns players demonstration:


At the time of this article, Kaepernick, who is DEFINITELY more talented than the 32 second string quarterbacks for all the NFL teams is still unemployed.  He is in the conversation for being more talented than some of the NFL starters.  How many unemployed quarterbacks have led their team to within yards of a Super Bowl win?  I am going out on a limb and say maybe… None?  While a few NFL teams have given consideration to signing him and even fewer teams actually working him out. The majority still refuse to take the chance on improving their team under the muse of distraction or disruption of team dynamics.  Realistically, nobody wants to be the Seth DeValve of NFL ownership and be the first white owner to sign him.

Additionally at the time of this article there are groups such as the Cleveland Police and EMS unions that have refused the invitation to help hold the giant flag used during opening ceremonies for opening day.  There reasons are ironically, IN PROTEST of what the Browns players did and the fact that the Browns organization backed their players RIGHT TO EXPRESSION.  This just shows you how hypocrisy of those who cannot see the true message!  Let me turn the tables a bit and ask those who refuse to hold the flag this question…  How is turning down the opportunity to hold YOUR COUNTRIES SYMBOL OF FREEDOM any more OFFENSIVE THAN KNEELING DURING THE ANTHEM?  

Let me answer that for you…  IT’S NOT !!!


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America’s democracy is under a hostile takeover… And most citizens don’t even realize it!

Without RHYME and for all the wrong reasons, America has moved one step closer to a dictatorship and two steps further away from democracy. While the country focuses on Harvey’s aftermath, trump signed his newest executive order overturning restrictions imposed under President Obama.  The order allows local police departments to get access to military gear such as grenade launchers, tanks and bayonets.  Yes, bayonets!  All of this WITHOUT the police receiving technical training on how to safely handle the weapons.  In the article written by Ryan J. Reilly of the Huffington Post Canada titled, Trump Orders Military To Give Cops Free Grenade Launchers, Bayonets, And Tanks it states; “Trump executive order will also kill requirements that law enforcement agencies had to meet before obtaining helicopters, planes, riot helmets, batons, drones, armored and tactical vehicles, and explosives and pyrotechnics.  Under Obama’s order, police departments had to get permission from their local government, complete training requirements, and give a “persuasive” reason why they needed such equipment.  No more.”  I have provided the link to the entire article: http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/entry/trump-police-tanks_us_59a4052ee4b0821444c4869c

Why should this alarm you?  The BIGGER question is…  Why WOULD’NT this alarm you?  For starters, take long, hard look at the “anti-leader’s” decision to pardon a man who BLATANTLY disregarded a Federal Court order to stop racially profiling Latino’s.  The same “law” man who called his tent city a “concentration camp” during a recorded interview.  Now imagine what a person like that could do with military grade weapons!  Imagine what HUNDREDS or THOUSANDS of so-called “lawmen and peacekeepers” with that same mentality could do…  Are you alarmed yet?  I understand it is unfair to paint ALL law enforcement officials of sharing this mentality.  There are good people out there who truly honor the creed of “protect and serve.”  To those people, I say ‘thank you.”   Just as a reminder… It is equally unfair to paint ALL people of colour as being criminals, thugs, illegal immigrants or terrorists!

Where is this all heading?  That depends on your perspective, beliefs, awareness and loyalty.  For those who have the shield of white privilege, are loyal trump supporters or both… Arming law enforcement like the military makes perfect sense.  Who else is going to keep them safe or keep “those” people in line?  Nothing says “protect and serve” like a tank!  There is no mistake or coincidence on the timing of the pardon or this executive order!  It is a classic watch my tiny left hand, while my tiny right hand makes your democracy disappear.  The fact that a so-called leader must use a horrific catastrophe to distract from his questionable actions is worse than deplorable, it is unforgivable!

Allow me to put a few more points of interest out there.  Go back to the tragedy in Charlottesville and the comments made by trump.  Look at his refusal to speak out against those “very fine people” who marched with torches and chanted “blood and soil” just as the Nazi’s once did.  Not until he was shamed into releasing a statement finally condemning their actions, only to walk it back a day or two later!  Then let us move to the Department of Justice demanding the information of people who visited the anti-trump website site for his inauguration.  If you think that their motives were in the best interest of national security or to simply weed out the “violent” protesters?  You don’t really know what is going on around you!  While the judge did put restrictions on the warrant, who is to say that it will be followed?  Realistically, there was an ex-sheriff who defied a Federal Court order, was found guilty and then pardoned.  What stops that from happening again?

The anti-leader has witnessed first hand that some people will not sit by and allow their Constitutional & Civil rights get taken away from them.  At least not without a fight, metaphorically speaking.  As his action become more bold, the people become more outraged.  Taking away your right to privacy and arming local police like the military are just steps closer to securing his tiny iron-fisted hold on your democracy. He is afraid…  Afraid of what the power of REAL UNITY looks like, the power of the people.


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The bread or the ants?


The world is a cruel place, filled with cruel irony.  The symbolism of such cruel ironies can be found in the places you may least expect it.  Just as I found it…  Sitting on a sidewalk.  A breadcrumb sitting not far from the grass, covered with ants.  There are also scores of dead ants scattered on the grey concrete.  Their story is not known and most likely will never be told.  Not visible in this photo is the small trail of ants leading into the grass, some transporting miniscule pieces of bread and others transporting the lifeless bodies of their fellow ants.  In all of this, I wondered to myself…  Are we the bread or the ants?

After I had stared for what seemed to be an eternity, I had thought of how many people struggle to survive.  There are many who sacrifice for every last metaphorical crumb.  Sometimes their sacrifice comes at a heavy price; losing precious time with their children or traveling through dangerous environments to their workplace.  There never seems to be a way to get ahead, provide stability or remove worry about where their next meal is coming from.  No remorse or empathy by those who are too big to be bothered by a problem they have never known. Peering down from their towers watching those who are forced to struggle.  From way up there, they do not resemble actual people.  They look more like…  Ants.

My mind quickly changed perspectives.  What if I had this all wrong?  Tossed aside without a second thought, dropped along the ground, vulnerable to the dangers of the world.  Without a way to defend oneself, simply waiting for the inevitable.  To some, their is much to offer.  But for those who have so much, there is action without the threat of a reaction.  No remorse, no empathy.  For those people, the rational is simple…  There is always another piece of bread out there.  To them it doesn’t matter the colour; brown, white or marble.  They feel as if they can afford us all.

When you look at the photo, read or reread my words, take a moment to think about who you are in this circle of life.  Are you the bread, are you the ants or are you looking down from your tower?


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Going from casual to casualty.

To quote a line from Mr. Robot; “Exciting time in the world right now…”  In my statement one may not see the sarcasm, unless you’ve read my blogs before.  The term casualty is usually reserved for those who have been injured through war or some sort of violent act…  But the premise is usually war related.  In today’s world, people have gone from being casual observers to casualties.  It is easy to find examples, just look at any news headline.  There are other casualties in this siege of the wealthy & privileged: Democracy, Equality, Humanity and Justice are some off the top of my head.  But let me list some of the others; People of colour, The Poor, The Elderly and anyone who is not in the higher tax bracket!

I recently read how a tweet went out bragging about how the stock market was at it’s highest blah, blah, blah…  That is great news for the economy!  Oh wait, it is great news if you are wealthy enough to have a stock portfolio!  If you are a family struggling to survive or a homeless person on the street…  That means FUCK ALL!!!  I mean it’s not like they take Wall Cheat (Street) profits and help those struggling to get by.  That money made goes right into the FAT CATS bank account and NEVER gets to the people who really need it OR rarely to the people in the company who helped earn it!

What can be done to help change the situation?  Good question!  May I suggest it starts with the stoppage of being “casual” observers and becoming more involved!  Even if it is not politics, try helping your fellow women & men.  There are subtle and painless ways to make a difference!  One could also write or call their representatives and demand more from them!  They were elected to look after the people, not JUST the people with money.  The concerns of those who are not privileged & wealthy are met with a casual dismissal, while the casualties keep growing.

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Political Poetry: 8 Lines That Says It All…

Unable to lead or a solve word jumble

a personality FAR from humble

taking a once great country into a tumble

like losing the nuclear football due to a fumble

being so close to a catastrophic rumble

is there a recovery ahead or another stumble

it is enough to make one just mumble

as those sit by and watch it all crumble…


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Rabbit Holes & Where to Find Them

For many people, life’s journey takes us down many paths.  Of those paths, some are well lit and easy to follow…  But not all!  Some of those paths can turn dark very quickly and before you know it?  We seem lost, confused, overwhelmed, stressed, depressed and afraid.  The trouble with ending up on these paths is that we do not always realize we are on them.  Sometimes our focus on the journey acts like a desert mirage, but in reverse.  In this scenario, we do not see the things that are actually right in front of us.  This is what has happened to me over the past 6 months.  During this time, I had slowly walked down a path that grew darker.  Before I knew it, I had become someone that was not recognized as the true me.  The worst part is, I wasn’t the one who had realized it…

I had recently told a friend that I must remember that “just because I wear a Superman t-shirt, it doesn’t make me Superman.”  The journeys and lesson in my life had given me the gift and the curse of putting the world upon my shoulders.  Why do I do it?  Because I care.  The cure is simple, right?  Just stop caring so much.  That unfortunately, is easier said than done!  This is part of my self-destructive nature.  My life’s journey has taught to be the dependable one, the strong one, the “Superman.”  But every Superman has his kryptonite.  There comes a point when even the strongest, most determined people need help.  For those who do not recognize their need for help… Such is the start of their potential journey down the rabbit hole.  That is how mine had begun.  For the past 6-7 months I had absorbed one challenge after another.  Trouble is with absorbing those challenges, I was not doing anything for myself.  The mirage before was one that displayed my life as still being unchanged, unaffected by my adding responsibilities.  Without even know it, I had spread myself and my time so thin…  I had nothing of myself left to offer myself.

Recently that has changed.  The love of my life had pointed out some things about me that had changed and that had her worried.  My first reaction was the standard, “no, I’m ok…  Just a bit tired.”  I never stopped to think, why am I so tired?  Until recently, I had gotten worse before getting better.  It wasn’t until I had spoken with someone about what had been going on the past 6-7 months.  As I spoke, it hit me…  I had unknowingly taken so much upon my shoulders and did little to nothing to help alleviate that weight.  When I heard myself talk loud, I realized just how much I had going on in my life.  I wondered how I didn’t end up there sooner?  Thankfully, there is change in the winds!  Things have become more clear, without the need for my x-ray vision, LoL!  I have realized that I am not Superman.  More so, I am just a man trying to be SUPER for the people close to him and those in the world around him.

The message I want to convey is this…  Without a balance in our lives, it is easy to steer away from the path known as ourselves.  Having the super power of self-realization can help keep us on the path we need to be on, the one that is balanced.  In the real world, we need to be more human to be than super human.


The piece you see above is my official first work.  This is an overpainted photograph.  This describes the view from inside my personal rabbit hole.  Please feel free to comment/critique my work.  I am happy to read all of your thoughts!  Take care always!


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