Let me JOLT your awareness: Earth Day April 22

Good morning everyone…  Let me JOLT your Monday!  This coming Saturday is a very IMPORTANT day, it is Earth Day!  There are many “days” out lately that are important to people for one reason or another.  Earth Day should be considered important to ALL of us!  While there are those out there who cannot be bothered by the concept, rather the FACT of Global Warming…  Those of us who know better can help make a difference, even it is for just one day.  It is my hope that we can help make it an everyday concept V. once a year.

Within the USA there has been a major shift in the fight against “climate change” since Donald trump and his cabinet have settled into the presidency.  The fight has changed, there has been a declaration of WAR on the environment!  Take a look at who he has put into position:  The new head of the EPA, Scott Pruitt.  This man sued the Environmental PROTECTION Agency (EPA) 13 times in order to get restrictions relaxed for pollution-oriented companies.  Pruitt is in place to dismantle the EPA, eliminate IMPORTANT regulations and essentially, make it easier for companies to destroy what is left of our natural resources, wild life, clean air and water.  There has already been cuts to the EPA budget, The Great Lakes protection (which is a source of fresh/clean water for MILLIONS) and other environmental programs.  For these business men and trump it makes perfect sense…  They will not be around when the Earth looks like a desolate wasteland from some movie.  These people are willing to bleed the Earth dry, destroy the FUTURE for YOUR children and YOURSELF!  It is not only in the USA, there are crimes against the Earth happening ALL over the world.  Would you let strangers come into your home and take your food, belongings and poison your water, your air?  If you say “no.”  So why do we let others do it to the one place we need to survive?

There are so many things we can do to help make our environment last a little bit longer.  There is trying to reduce the carbon footprints, recycling and water conservation.  This is only a few examples of how small acts can add up to being a HUGE difference.  Collectively we can express our displeasure to our government officials (in some places, maybe not all).  It is about showing that we will NOT sit quietly while these environmental criminals STEAL from the Earth!  What gives them the right to just take what they feel they are entitled to in the name of their companies?  There are also other PEACEFUL options such as marches and organizations that can use our help in fighting against these companies that are destroying OUR future in the name of greed.

So I am asking to please pass this article along… Link it, tweet it, Face Book it, whichever?  Just help me spread the word as Earth Day approaches.  Help me make a difference!  For those that do, I say “thank you!”  On my behalf and those who may not have a voice; the plants, animals, water, air and the future…

(Below are a few links to articles that shows the effects of climate change along with one of my past blogs)

“If I were alive…” A poem by Mother Earth






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An accurate MEASURE of ourselves…

Measuring is an every day, every other moment occurrence in the world.  I do not mean in terms of just cooking, building finding the right size shoe.  There is something inside of us that at times, cannot help but to measure ourselves against strangers, peers, friends and even family.  While this may be a conventional form of quantifying where exactly we stand in life…  I will contend that it can also be troubling and counter-productive.  The ability to measure is used to define success in certain areas such as music sales, work productivity and healthy eating.  In my mind, when we measure ourselves against other people, we can often sell ourselves short.

What is it about us that compels the need to measure ourselves against others?  Is it vanity that makes us look at someone and think that we are smarter, prettier or more capable than them?  Is it an insecurity, the need to project a false sense of confidence of being better?  Maybe instead of looking at others to measure ourselves, it would be more beneficial to just look in the mirror.  While for some it may not be easy!  In the end, this is where we can find a true measurement.

Society does not make it easy on us!  There are few companies that preach in being ok with what you wear, how much money you have (or don’t) and even what we aspire our bodies to look like.  Social media is another factor that oozes of negativity at times.  Over the recent while, articles of body-shaming have become more rampant.  EG… The Playboy model who took pictures of the woman in a California gym.  That was a little bit ago but is a glaring example of someone who may be viewed as pretty on the outside, is horrific on the inside!  One of the latest instances I had seen is where a man went on Tinder to body-shame a full figured woman.  It is in these moments where having the ability to accept, respect and love ourselves is of the GREATEST importance.

Most of my life, I grew up as the kind of guy who was ALWAYS good enough to be the girls best friend, but never the boyfriend.  Ah yes, the dreaded friend zone!  LoL!  I used to question so much about myself.  My looks mostly!  Inside I knew that I was a great person; caring, smart (most of the time), loyal, etc…  But why was that not good enough?  More importantly, why was that not good enough for ME?  It wasn’t until much later in my life that I realized that I am good enough.  It took a lot of time questioning, crying and wallowing in self-pity before FINALLY saying; ” I am not just good enough, I am GREAT!”  I focused on what made me the person that I am, taking all my great qualities and harnessing that energy and projecting it in positive ways.  There was the realization it wasn’t about brands, money or status.  It was about carrying myself with respect, dignity and self-love that would provide me with the strength to move forward.  Even when those tried REALLY hard to hold me back!

It is really easy to look at ourselves and see the things we don’t like.  Then it can be even tougher when we compare ourselves to others.  You and me, we have so many great qualities to offer.  Not just ourselves but to others.  WE just have to believe that!  There is something to be said for finding that “inner peace.”  It took me what seems forever, but I believe I finally found it.  My life has been so different, in a positive way!  So I ask all of us to take time and find the things that make us the great person that we are.  Maybe we can write it down on a piece of paper by the mirror?  Look at it and write down something positive, every day or every other day.  Build that list!  It is NEVER too late to start realizing that when we measure ourselves in negative ways, it only pushes us farther away from accepting who we truly are.  Then we would be missing out on the GREAT person we can easily find looking back us in the mirror…


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Unravel: Watching what is happening to basic human decency. Yeah, I mean you United Airlines!

By now some of you may have heard what happened just the other day on a United Airlines flight, if not let me catch you up…  There was a flight where United Airlines needed to get a few of there workers to a destination.  They had filled the booking for that flight and had asked if the “customers” would voluntarily give up their seats for reimbursement.  There were no takers.  The reality of it is this… It is United Airlines problem, not the paying customers who may have booked months in advance!  What the hell good is a reservation if you can be kicked off?  Especially for reasons, that you would think a multi-million dollar company SHOULD be able to handle!  I am pretty sure that unless you buy some high-priced flight insurance, WE the CUSTOMERS cannot just say minutes before the flight; “Nah, I think I changed my mind.”  Regardless of how the company spin it; the ends do not justify the means!  Especially in this instance!

Getting back to the incident…  When no “paying customer” took up United on their offer, they randomly selected a few people.  One gentleman who was selected did not want to leave.  Why should he have to?  This man was a doctor, who had patients waiting for him back at home.  Does United plan on reimbursing him for the cost of the patients he would not get to see?  Or how about the patients themselves, why should they have to be inconvenienced due to a simple overbooking mistake made by a multi-million dollar company?  Obviously it is because United simply is too big to care about “the customer,” remember them?  We are only the ones who make their existence possible…

What happens next when the DOCTOR refuses to leave is a pathetic display and a GROSS abuse of assault on a man, who PAID for the right to fly to his next destination.  I have posted a link that includes the story and video of what happened.  Not only did this “customer” face physical abuse but how about his dignity?  Maybe United should have just made other arrangements on whatever end they were short.  Or maybe this novel idea; inconvenience the people who actually WORK for you instead of the CUSTOMERS who keep you in business!

But you see, that is not how big business treats people.  This goes deeper than an OBVIOUSLY mismanaged multi-million dollar airline.  One that cannot figure out it’s own personnel issues without disrupting the ONE group of people who PAY to be on that specific flight for specific reasons!  Imagine if you were a person going to meet their children, or worse yet a dying relative?  Then you had to be forcibly removed because an airline CANNOT manage their own booking numbers!  Are you or are you NOT a F-N multi-million dollar airline?

This is an unfortunate lesson that some of us have learned in the past and may in the future…  Big business cares about one thing, and it is not the customer!  When we chose to support companies, maybe we should look a little deeper before deciding to support them.  Not always are we given the choice or who we consume from.  But when it comes to instances like this, maybe we should?  If nothing else, just to REMIND these “too big to fail” businesses that WE the CUSTOMERS can dictate where our money goes!  REMIND them that WE the CUSTOMERS will NOT tolerate being treated as badly or worse than how they treat our luggage!


*Note*  I have just seen reports of news agencies bringing up the past crimes of the man removed from the United Airlines flight.  The point of my article is focused on how the situation was handled.  This could have been ANY one of us!  The past crimes of the man are not relevant to THIS incident.  Additionally, the CEO is now saying the man was belligerent.  The video says otherwise!


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You don’t need a title to be a “CHAMPION!”

What is the requirement for being deemed a “champion?”  Does it mean you “have” to have won some sort of tournament, contest or challenge?  Did you have to compete against another individual or team?  There are the traditional meanings of the word “champion,” but in my opinion…  The type of “champion” I admire, often has little to do with competing and winning.

In life there are a multitude of unrecognized “champions.”  These individuals may have not formally competed in any type of sporting event, but they are taking on the challenges of life.  I would like to speak to those who carry on the fight against cancer.  It is reasonable to say that almost all of us know someone who has lost a loved one due to this horrific disease.  Cancer took my father in his 50’s and to this day, I still have trouble coming to terms with it.  That was almost 20 years ago.  He fought it and eventually lost…  In my mind, that doesn’t make him any less of a champion.  I see the stories of young children affected by cancer and it saddens me, but also inspires me.  THEY inspire me!  Not all of those children win their battle, but they are STILL champions in my eyes!  We can learn a lot from children, especially these children!  The fighting spirit to never give up, the desire to beat the odds.  This in my eyes, is what being a “champion” is all about!

There are other individuals who define the word “champion.”  Namely those children from the poverty stricken inner-cities.  Those children who do not take the easy way out by: staying in school, refusing to join gangs and make the choice to earn honest money instead of dealing drugs or stealing.  Especially those who may not have the best parental influence in their home.  The easy path is always the most tempting, but often can be the most dangerous.  This hold even more true within the inner cities where drugs and gangs are the way of life.  There is something inspiring in the fact that at such a young age, these children openly choose to work hard to better their situation.  They see the temptations of what the alternative can give them.  It is amazingly refreshing that they are not weakened by this and stay on the right path.  This in my eyes, is what being a “champion” is all about!

There are so many more examples of individuals who have the traits of a champion but are rarely recognized as such.  By this I mean the mentors, coaches, teachers, etc…  Those who also take the time to make a positive difference in the lives of children, they are “champions” as well!  While all of these individuals may not have a title, that does not mean they haven’t earned the right to be deemed “CHAMPION!”

This blog is dedicated to all those who do their part to make a difference in the world, especially in the world of children.  I say “thank you!”

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The Handwriting Tag

This is a great and fun idea that came from a talented (and pretty cool) writer; New Moon Plan.  The concept is to handwrite out a list of ten items and then tag someone or numerous someone’s you know in hopes they join in. Here are the ten items:

  1. Write your name
  2. Write your blog’s name
  3. Write your favourite word and its definition
  4. Write something nice
  5. Write the name of your favourite song right now
  6. What are you writing with?
  7. Write a fun fact about yourself
  8. Write/draw your favorite emoticon
  9. Write a silly message
  10. Write who you’re tagging




There are many great writer’s that follow me and that I follow.  Here are two that I have had the pleasure of knowing for a bit and I’ve nominated:  summervinn and Jennifer El Gammal .

In case my pic came out too small…  Here are my answers from 1-10.

  1. Je Richo
  2. Wannareadmymind
  3. The “F” word: Slang for sexual intercourse or used as a verb can mean one is in a bad position/situation.
  4. All of us have inner beauty.  It is important to look deep inside ourselves and others.
  5. Eminence Front
  6. PaperMate InkJoy Black Pen
  7. I can impersonate cartoon voices
  8. The middle finger (Big surprise, eh?)
  9. Minute rice is a lie…
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Purple: The colour of flowers, sunsets and bruises…

The colour purple… It can be referred to as a colour suggesting royalty or an awarding winning movie.  There can be beautiful pictures, paintings and drawings of flowers and sunsets that blend the colour purple making something amazing for us to look at.  Unfortunately, all things purple are not as beautiful.  The blending of yellows, greens, blues and purples that are not colouring a canvas are being imprinted upon bodies…  The bodies of women!  This is the canvas of choice by those who abuse women through acts of violence.

The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence has some facts that we ALL should be aware of…  While these are just a few stats (which I focused around women), the link I will provide has MANY IMPORTANT facts that should be read.

-Every 9 seconds in the US a woman is assaulted or beaten

-1 in 3 women have been physically abused by an intimate partner

-1 in 7 women have been stalked.  Stalking causes the target to fear she/he or someone close to her/him will be harmed or killed

-Domestic violence is most common among women between the ages of 18-24



The statistic above are only from the United States, imagine just how many more women are victims of abuse world-wide?  There are some who will argue that it is tradition, beliefs or custom that justify this treatment of women.  While I cannot judge ones beliefs, customs or traditions…  I can ask this question; If it was tradition, belief or custom for a man to be treated in the same way that women are abused…  Would you not want it stopped?

For some males, it is about power.  They are threatened by the presence of a woman who has her own mind and does not need a man to control her life.  The abuse can start at early ages and manifest into what a woman will perceive as “the norm.”  For violence against women, there should never be a feeling of normalcy.  We should ALL do our best to ensure that equality, respect and non-violence should be “the norm.”

There are some things we can do to help those who are victims of violence; support groups, telephone hotlines, counselors and sometimes just being there to listen.  One of the most important things we can do is let the women in our lives, especially the youth know that violence is NOT acceptable!  Not at ANY time, nor ANY age!  We need to empower and support women, letting them know they are WORTHY of better treatment.  Men will tell them that they are worthless, nobody else will want or have them, nobody will treat them better…  It is EXTREMELY important to convince women ALL over and of ALL ages that these are LIES!  They are simply a means to control them mentally, through their fears and insecurities.  When that doesn’t work, it will turn physical and more dangerous for the women.  The key is to allow women around the world to recognize the signs early and find the strength to get out of the toxic relationship before it is too late.

It doesn’t take a man to hit a woman, it takes a man to treat a woman properly.  As men, it is up to us to teach our youth that respect for woman is vital.  “Women are not the weaker sex, they are the equal sex!” (My personal quote)  The mindset must be changed, through education and application we can help make a difference.  In life there are those who wish they could make a difference.  Then there are those who decide they can be the difference!  Who are you?


  • Image result for violence against womenThis image is from The Well Project @ thewellproject.org


It is important to note that domestic violence is a dangerous situation!  When you witness it, the best solution is to notify the police immediately. 


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We are all much more than ORDINARY!

Bland, vanilla, plain are words that can be synonymous with “ordinary.”  This can be traced back to my last post that was “prompted” by the word label.  Ordinary can be considered insulting, depending on the context.  This would be especially true in terms of people!  In my opinion, labeling a person as ordinary is just a way of saying that you are too blind to see what is extraordinary about them!

Whether we believe it or not, we ALL have traits that make us more than ordinary.  Sometimes though, it can be hard for us to see that.  The push by society for looking like the “perfect” man or woman.  Then there are all the status symbols that are made to define us: clothes, cars, make-up, electronics and numerous other materialistic entities.  The wrong messages have been sent for so long, they have become in a sense, hereditary.  Of all types of traits to pass along, the trait of believing that a persons worth is tied into their status…  In one that I would like to see erased from the metaphorical gene pool.  Society has taught us not to look at a person’s worth by who they are but rather what they are wearing, driving and even who they are involved with.

How do we change the way we see people as “ordinary?”  It starts with looking within ourselves!  Having the confidence and strength to acknowledge that while we may seem. plain or that we lead bland lives…  This is far from the truth.  We do not take enough time to give ourselves credit for the things we accomplish day to day.  There has been the mentality of what can I do to be better, how can I give more?  There is nothing wrong with wanting to improve ourselves.  Furthermore, there is also NOTHING wrong with accepting who we are, where we are in the moment…  With the caveat that we believe there is MORE for us to accomplish, in good time!

Along with this, we should take the time to recognize the extraordinary things about our friends, family and even strangers.  Just because you may not know somebody personally, does not mean you cannot recognize something special about them.  It may take longer with some more than others though, I will admit.  While for some (eg… trump) you may look until doomsday and still find nothing!  Just sayin…

My point is this… There is a lot of work to do to break the stigma of what defines us as ordinary.  Like anything else, the more we get ourselves to buy in, the easier it will be for others to believe it in themselves.  This is not about delivering “lip-service.”  Rather, this all about realizing that words like plain and vanilla should be reserved for describing foods, not people!

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