The Protest Of A Protest: Taking A Stand While On A Knee.

The name Colin Kaepernick has grown in popularity over the past year but not for reasons that involve the National Football League (NFL) or his abilities as a quarterback.  The name Colin Kaepernick has been more involved in world of politics and civil rights than fantasy football drafts.  In the land where freedom of speech, religion and expression has gone from a Constitutional right to an optical illusion…  Many people FAIL to see the ACTUAL message behind the blinding light of white privilege, the hood of racism or the bliss of ignorance.  For those who are unclear on Kaepernick’s intentions, I have provided a link to see and hear his own words:

Fast forward to a preseason football game featuring the Cleveland Browns and New York Giants.  There were twelve players from the Browns that knelt and prayed during the national anthem.  Of these twelve players, Seth DeValve became the FIRST Caucasian/white player to kneel during the playing of the anthem.  This has sparked a growing flame of outrage that is burning into a blaze of contempt towards the NFL organization and their players.  People from not just within the city but around the country continue to fan the flames of hate by twisting the intent and the message the players were trying to send.  Instead of listening to the players stating that the kneeling has NOTHING TO DO WITH DISRESPECT FOR THE ACTIVE/RETIRED MILITARY OR POLICE…  These people CHOOSE TO IGNORE statements and CONTINUE to focus on THEIR BIASED AND FRAUDULANT MESSAGE in order to justify their racial bias, ignorance or hate!  Below is the explanation behind the Browns players demonstration:

At the time of this article, Kaepernick, who is DEFINITELY more talented than the 32 second string quarterbacks for all the NFL teams is still unemployed.  He is in the conversation for being more talented than some of the NFL starters.  How many unemployed quarterbacks have led their team to within yards of a Super Bowl win?  I am going out on a limb and say maybe… None?  While a few NFL teams have given consideration to signing him and even fewer teams actually working him out. The majority still refuse to take the chance on improving their team under the muse of distraction or disruption of team dynamics.  Realistically, nobody wants to be the Seth DeValve of NFL ownership and be the first white owner to sign him.

Additionally at the time of this article there are groups such as the Cleveland Police and EMS unions that have refused the invitation to help hold the giant flag used during opening ceremonies for opening day.  There reasons are ironically, IN PROTEST of what the Browns players did and the fact that the Browns organization backed their players RIGHT TO EXPRESSION.  This just shows you how hypocrisy of those who cannot see the true message!  Let me turn the tables a bit and ask those who refuse to hold the flag this question…  How is turning down the opportunity to hold YOUR COUNTRIES SYMBOL OF FREEDOM any more OFFENSIVE THAN KNEELING DURING THE ANTHEM?  

Let me answer that for you…  IT’S NOT !!!


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Life, people and their labels…

Labels… They can be useful, when your are looking at or for certain ingredients.  Or checking out the nutritional value.  After all, most of us cannot see what is always on the inside (except for you Superman, lol).  For it is hidden either within the product or behind the label.  The truth is, while labels can be helpful…  They can also be very hurtful!  Especially when it comes to human beings.

Just think to yourself for a moment, how life could or would be different if we had labels about us, visible for everyone to see.  The concept reminds me of an episode of Black Mirror, where people have visual implants (like contacts) that allow you to see their social status.  Thus, seeing how popular they are or not.  That in mind, what if when you walked by someone you could see into them?  From a metaphorical standpoint…   Ultimately, you would know all about their life.  Their triumphs, struggles, fears and strengths.  Would society be so quick to judge or “label” those of us who are unique, smart, athletic, shy, insecure, etc…

Would those who choose to bully others be as intimidating, if they knew that they were now just as vulnerable?  What are the chances that “mean girls” of all ages, would act the way they do if we all could see that their lives are an open book?  The fact that (insert name here) has low self esteem and feels the need to put others down to make herself feel better.  Or that (blank) is lying about his slut-shaming posts on social media and is really impotent?  How would the world view labeling others then?

More importantly, I feel that others would not be able to hide themselves behind the same masks they use to terrorize others!  In my lifetime, I have been labeled many times over.  From grade school all the way through high school.  Yes, even after joining the “so-called” adult world.  I cannot lie, it was hurtful.  Both mentally and emotionally!  The feelings of being labeled by who people thought I was, instead of who I really am.  If they could read the label of what is really going on and what I have to offer inside…  Would they have treated me or anyone else differently?  That is hard to say…

The most important thing life has taught me about labels, is that they will bother you for as long as you let them.  The labels that are assigned to us can be ripped off, if we let it! The first step is being comfortable with who you are.  Second is loving yourself for it!  Third is to find the courage to stand up for yourself and at times stand up for others.  My advice to those who are in grade school & high school?  The same people who torment you now, will have NO IMPACT on your life… Not as long as you don’t give them the power to do so.  While social media makes things tougher to get away from, it is not impossible.  Stay strong, be yourself and time will tell who really gets labeled as the “loser, freak, etc…”

When reaching college and the “adult” world, things get a little better.  Here you have more choices to make positive strides that can separate yourself from those back in grade & HS.  It is really up to YOU!  The need to be liked is a bit overrated because society has glorified it.  The obsession with how many like or follows one has on social media is a prime example.  Everyone does it for their own reasons.  While I TRULY appreciate those who follow my blog…  My goal is to attract those who really enjoy reading my work!  I want to spread messages, provoke thought and hopefully make a difference!  Numbers are not my focus, my writing and messages are…  I have a saying; “I’m not trying to be famous, I’m just trying to make a difference!”  While it has taken me many years to find this path I am on, I am grateful for finally finding it.

So be strong, be compassionate and be the difference.  Not just in your life, but others!  It is never too early or too late to chose your path!  “Safe travels…”

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Massive Tragedy: A trump presidency

Today instead of writing about what a MASSIVE waste of air & space a certain unnamed president is (rhymes with RUMP)… Moving on…  I decided to show some photos found on Google images to help give a visual impact of the what’s and how’s this administration is effecting people, through cuts to programs such as Meals on Wheels, unconstitutional travel bans and reforming health care.

Image result for meals on wheels Image result for meals on wheels Image result for meals on wheels Image result for meals on wheels

Image result for health care, seniorsImage result for health care, seniors

Image result for health care, seniors usa  Related image

Related image Related image

Related image  Here is a link below to a tragic story of a woman dying because she was refused entry back into the US.  Please read…


I am hoping to start a trending spinoff of him.  There was once “The most interesting man in the world.”  I think that trump should be labeled; “The most intolerable man in the world!”  There was an article stating that trump needs a label to define him, I cannot find one better.

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Let the Record Show… The Government Has Chosen: Rich & Wealthy over Poor & Elderly.

There is an irony that the same supporters of the trump presidency (or as I call it, the trump-impotency) are the ones who may be suffering the most by the changes being made to health care.  This is not a rant against trump or republicans.  I am not in favor of the democratic party either.  In fact, there are dems that are just as at fault.  I am in favor of a government that works for, supports and stands up for people…  Regardless of political party, personal financial interests, gender, race, creed or colour.  In this day and age, it sounds like too much to ask for!

First, let us talk about the republican party working the past seven years to replace Obamacare.  SEVEN YEARS…  These are the exact words of Paul Ryan, stated in a Washington Post online article dated March 9, 2017, written by Mike DeBonis, Kelsey Snell and Sean Sullivan.  “We as Republicans have been waiting seven years to do this,” Ryan said. “This is the closest we will ever get to repealing and replacing Obamacare. The time is here. The time is now. This is the moment.” (DeBonis, Snell, Sullivan 9 Mar 17)  After seven long years of planning, you would think that the repubs could have come up with a plan that wouldn’t affect roughly 18 million people so negatively!  By negative, I mean the losing of their health care benefits.  According to an online article from, written by Johnathan Chait, he states; “The Congressional Budget Office has estimated that 18 million Americans would immediately lose their insurance, a number that would increase to 32 million by 2026.” (Chait, Jan 22 2017)  But is this really a concern for the same people who HAVE covered health care as part of Congress?  Of course not!

There have been comments by repubs (my term for republicans, and I refuse to capitalize the “R” for principle sake) from a repub lawmaker, Jason Chaffetz that says; “Americans have choices, and they’ve got to make a choice. So rather than getting that new iPhone that they just love and want to go spend hundreds of dollars on that, maybe they should invest in their own health care.” (Scott, 7 Mar 17).  This from a CNN online article written by Jason Scott dated March 7, 2017.  Scott’s article also states “A 2013 Pew survey found that among low-income people (those making about $30,000 or less), only 13% used an iPhone that year. And nearly 1 in 4 — 23% — of smartphone owners have had to cancel or suspend their phone service due to financial constraints, according to a 2015 Pew study.” (Scott 7 Mar 17).  Chaffetz later tried to better explain his context, but ultimately said that Americans would need to better prioritize.  I guess what he really is saying is that low income people and families may have to “prioritize” between food, rent and health care.  Chaffetz clearly does not understand the difference in priorities between those in higher-highest tax brackets and those of the lower ones!

There are many (especially on the repub) side who complain that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is raising rates too high.  Have any of these people considered the cost of health care if without it?  The reason that premiums were affordable to most is because of the contributions made by all levels of income, the lower income workers were basically subsidized.  This in addition to the taxes placed on the higher tax brackets.  Here I circle back to the irony of those who voted to “Make America Great Again” with a chart from an online article produced by The Huffington Post from Nov. 24, 2016.  One could argue that while ObamaCare was not perfect, it did allow many people to receive coverage they may not have been able to get before.  This includes pre-existing conditions, which is HIGHLY important to say…  The coal mining states?  While the repubs say that pre-existing conditions will be covered, at what cost?  Think it will be cheaper than under the ACA?  Not likely…  Furthermore, how about the people of Flint, Michigan?  How many of those currently suffering from the toxic effects of the poisonous water will be effected?

Next I want to discuss the “Winners & Losers” from the repeal of ObamaCare.  If you think that the winning side consists of low income people/families and the elderly?  You would be, as trump likes to say; “WRONG!”  But if you are young, rich or an insurance company?  You are going to just get “tired of winning!”  An online BBC article dated 10 Mar 2017  contains the following:

The Winning Side:

-Policy holders between the ages of 20 and 29 are expected to save on average anywhere from $700 to $4,000 a year

-Those earning higher salaries stand to benefit the most from the Republican bill, which lifts two taxes levied on the wealthy under Obamacare

-In urban areas, Obamacare tax credits are adjusted not only by family income, but cost of local healthcare, which varies from place to place. But the new plan removes those geographic cost offsets

The Losing Side:

-Older adults, specifically Americans in their 50s and 60s, are likely to pay more under the new system, even though they would receive larger tax credits. That’s because the Republican proposal allows older adults to be charged as much as five times more than younger policy holders

-Lower Income: The new plan would roll back much of the provisions put in place to protect low-wage earners under Obamacare. It would mean significantly higher premiums and reduced tax credits for middle and low-income earners. It would end the expansion of Medicaid, which covers low-income people… Enrolees making around $20,000 a year at any age would be hit the hardest…

-Urban Areas: Another group that would lose under AHCA is people living in rural areas, where the cost of coverage tends to be higher due to fewer hospitals and insurers. Research shows that health insurance premiums are typically more costly in rural counties and states.  There is another group that needs to be added to the losing side; those who rely on Medicare.  The CNN Money article written by Tami Luhby, dated 12 Jan 17 states; “Dismantling Obamacare would likely mean higher premiums, deductibles and cost-sharing for the 57 million senior citizens and disabled Americans enrolled in the program. It would also bring back the infamous “donut hole” in Medicare’s prescription drug coverage.” (Luhby 12 Jan 17).

If you happen to notice that the losing side would consist of “many, many” trump supporters, you’d be correct!  But here is something that these supporters should take note of provided by an online Vox article written by Dylan Matthews dated 7 Mar 2017; “Republicans is Congress, is that it also contains $600 billion in tax cuts — tax cuts that would save the wealthiest 0.1 percent of Americans nearly $200,000 each in a single year, according to a batch of analyses released by the Joint Committee on Taxation on Tuesday.” (Matthews, 7 Mar 17)

Tax cuts in the Obamacare repeal billChart provided by Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget

So for those who continue to support the repubs and this administration, I ask you;

Still feeling that YOU are “tired of winning?”



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Trump’s Speech: I Hesitate to Believe

Some called trump’s speech great

But I think I will wait

Do you believe what you hear

The democrats worst fear

A trump that sounds sane

your trust he hopes to gain

Talk of the promises he kept

The site of the a war widow who wept

Talk of bringing parties together

Like they are birds of a feather

But when it was their turn

Ideas of unity they did burn

The dismantling of America before our eyes

Justice and liberty replaced by corruption and lies


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At the CENTER of Controversy, Instead of Democracy

I haven’t picked up my (metaphorical) political pen in some time.  Writing about the misgivings, misconduct and misinformation of the president of the US can be tiring.  I wish I could write an article about something positive that was accomplished by this administration.  Unfortunately, that would truly be “fake news” or “alternative facts!”  I cannot state enough, how it pains me to see the ways trump is trying to make America “great again.”  From bans to walls and everything in between, it will take an extraordinary amount of time and effort just to make America sane again.

To date, trump has signed twelve executive orders and as listed in a Washington Post article dated 21 Feb 17, 199 tweets since his inauguration.  He has tweeted about things like the “unfairness” towards Ivanka, the size of his crowds, fake news and the latest the DNC Chair selection.  Most of the words that has either come from his lips or his finger tips have been USELESS to the people of the US.

You might ask, which people?   Let us discuss the millions of people that will lose health coverages.  Again there is the façade of giving the people something better.  The proposal takes away coverage for people with pre-existing conditions.  This list is not a small list, nor is it an inexpensive list.  In the end, who does this proposal help?  Not the average American, but rather the insurance companies.  I have viewed the town hall meeting where people are afraid to die because they cannot survive once Obama-Care is eliminated.  The republicans have no answers, not on ANY level!  Maybe it would help if a tweet came out of the “Orange Office” or the “Red Room” (take your pic) telling people that need not worry about dying from the repeal of Obama-Care, and here is why.  While this article may incur the wrath of trump supporters, this applies to them/you as well.  I hear citizens say that under Obama-Care, their premiums are going up.  I am guessing they don’t realize just how much MORE expensive it will become once insurance companies can reject them based on existing conditions.

When it comes to trump being silent, there are not many things that can do it.  I have noticed at least one item that can…  How about the shooting in Kansas last week, which I have yet to see become officially labeled as a hate crime?  Which to me is puzzling!   The shooter yelled “get out of my country” as he open fire on two Indian men, killing one and injuring the other.  I will venture a guess that if this had been a Muslim man or an immigrant from one of his seven listed countries from the failed travel ban…  There would be endless tweets and rants on how this is the 9th Circuit Court’s fault, why we need to ban immigrants, etc…  But this is NOT the case!  The shooter (“alleged” if it pleases) was a Caucasian man.  There seems to be a blurred lines and labels between crimes, especially shootings that are committed by Caucasians and people of colour.  For many of us there is no blur, or bias.  Racism, terror and terrorists comes in many forms, shapes and colours.  Which includes the shade of white…

There can and will be arguments made that the president is a busy man and has other more important things to attend to.  I guess those same people do not mean; his tweets about crowd sizes, fake news or his daughter.  Or about his weekends golfing back at Mar A Lago, which is costing taxpayers “HUGE” money.  I guess trump is too busy to make a push for the poison-waters of Flint to be taken care for the people who have been waiting for “that promise” to be fulfilled.  Instead there is a call to increase the military budget, one that is already HIGHER than some countries combined.

Finally, I will close with what trump and his administration are doing in regards to the media.  Or as he calls them “the enemy of the people.”  Funny how some of these same media outlets went from friends to foes so quickly.  The media gave trump so much more coverage than Clinton and Sanders…  COMBINED!  I guess maybe trump is correct?  Seriously though, freedom of the press is a right of the people.  The road is being paved to quiet the voice of the free press.  When media such as CNN, NY Times, BBC and others are intentionally kept out of White House briefings because of alleged “fake news?”  A dangerous precedent is being set.

So who knows what type of tweet or rants lie ahead in the next coming days, weeks, months and dreadfully years to come.  While some hope for impeachment, others just hope to survive.

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Sound Familiar?

Cries & pleas fall upon deaf ears

Anguish & suffering increases the tears

Aggression & suppression leading to depression

Silencing & muzzling our freedoms of expression

Politicians & magicians both peddling lies

Corruption & deceit before our very eyes

Unite & fight for all that is right

PERSISTENCE & RESISTANCE our beacon of light


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