Thursday Poetry Slam!: A Surreal Presidency

Now that I have started a theme with Haiku Monday, I thought to myself…  Self, we should add another theme for the week.  I present to you: Thursday Poetry Slam! or TPS!  I hope you enjoy my newest edition.  “Thank you” for reading!


We knew what we signed up for

But there were things they didn’t tell

They call it the politics of war

Then tell us war is hell


No calls, no letters, can’t say their name

The sacrifices made by all not just one

Instead of manning up you choose to blame

When your country called you chose to run


Any excuse to bring life to an end

Nuclear wars, no healthcare for the poor

Instead of my child how about yours you send

You’re no leader, more of an attention whore


We knew what we signed up for

How about you

Air Force, Army, Navy or Marine Corp

#45 has no idea not a clue




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Political Poetry: 8 Lines That Says It All…

Unable to lead or a solve word jumble

a personality FAR from humble

taking a once great country into a tumble

like losing the nuclear football due to a fumble

being so close to a catastrophic rumble

is there a recovery ahead or another stumble

it is enough to make one just mumble

as those sit by and watch it all crumble…


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Trump’s Speech: I Hesitate to Believe

Some called trump’s speech great

But I think I will wait

Do you believe what you hear

The democrats worst fear

A trump that sounds sane

your trust he hopes to gain

Talk of the promises he kept

The site of the a war widow who wept

Talk of bringing parties together

Like they are birds of a feather

But when it was their turn

Ideas of unity they did burn

The dismantling of America before our eyes

Justice and liberty replaced by corruption and lies


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Sound Familiar?

Cries & pleas fall upon deaf ears

Anguish & suffering increases the tears

Aggression & suppression leading to depression

Silencing & muzzling our freedoms of expression

Politicians & magicians both peddling lies

Corruption & deceit before our very eyes

Unite & fight for all that is right

PERSISTENCE & RESISTANCE our beacon of light


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