Political Poetry: 8 Lines That Says It All…

Unable to lead or a solve word jumble

a personality FAR from humble

taking a once great country into a tumble

like losing the nuclear football due to a fumble

being so close to a catastrophic rumble

is there a recovery ahead or another stumble

it is enough to make one just mumble

as those sit by and watch it all crumble…


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Rabbit Holes & Where to Find Them

For many people, life’s journey takes us down many paths.  Of those paths, some are well lit and easy to follow…  But not all!  Some of those paths can turn dark very quickly and before you know it?  We seem lost, confused, overwhelmed, stressed, depressed and afraid.  The trouble with ending up on these paths is that we do not always realize we are on them.  Sometimes our focus on the journey acts like a desert mirage, but in reverse.  In this scenario, we do not see the things that are actually right in front of us.  This is what has happened to me over the past 6 months.  During this time, I had slowly walked down a path that grew darker.  Before I knew it, I had become someone that was not recognized as the true me.  The worst part is, I wasn’t the one who had realized it…

I had recently told a friend that I must remember that “just because I wear a Superman t-shirt, it doesn’t make me Superman.”  The journeys and lesson in my life had given me the gift and the curse of putting the world upon my shoulders.  Why do I do it?  Because I care.  The cure is simple, right?  Just stop caring so much.  That unfortunately, is easier said than done!  This is part of my self-destructive nature.  My life’s journey has taught to be the dependable one, the strong one, the “Superman.”  But every Superman has his kryptonite.  There comes a point when even the strongest, most determined people need help.  For those who do not recognize their need for help… Such is the start of their potential journey down the rabbit hole.  That is how mine had begun.  For the past 6-7 months I had absorbed one challenge after another.  Trouble is with absorbing those challenges, I was not doing anything for myself.  The mirage before was one that displayed my life as still being unchanged, unaffected by my adding responsibilities.  Without even know it, I had spread myself and my time so thin…  I had nothing of myself left to offer myself.

Recently that has changed.  The love of my life had pointed out some things about me that had changed and that had her worried.  My first reaction was the standard, “no, I’m ok…  Just a bit tired.”  I never stopped to think, why am I so tired?  Until recently, I had gotten worse before getting better.  It wasn’t until I had spoken with someone about what had been going on the past 6-7 months.  As I spoke, it hit me…  I had unknowingly taken so much upon my shoulders and did little to nothing to help alleviate that weight.  When I heard myself talk loud, I realized just how much I had going on in my life.  I wondered how I didn’t end up there sooner?  Thankfully, there is change in the winds!  Things have become more clear, without the need for my x-ray vision, LoL!  I have realized that I am not Superman.  More so, I am just a man trying to be SUPER for the people close to him and those in the world around him.

The message I want to convey is this…  Without a balance in our lives, it is easy to steer away from the path known as ourselves.  Having the super power of self-realization can help keep us on the path we need to be on, the one that is balanced.  In the real world, we need to be more human to be than super human.


The piece you see above is my official first work.  This is an overpainted photograph.  This describes the view from inside my personal rabbit hole.  Please feel free to comment/critique my work.  I am happy to read all of your thoughts!  Take care always!


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President Macron T-bags trump with his BRASSY BALLS!

“In life sometimes the reasons we leave are often the reasons we return…” (Me/2 Jun17)

By now it is no secret that donald trump and his administration has once again turned their back on the people, the climate and the world.  As if trump’ actions during his trip abroad wasn’t humiliating enough to the newest third-world country (in terms of government), the Divided States of America…  In typical trump style, he announced that he and his administration will be pulling the U.S. out of the Paris Climate Agreement.  Should we have expected anything less from him?  You would be even more foolish to expect more from the entity that has taken a country once known as “The leader of the free world” and degraded it to a third-world dictatorship, where democracy has been traded in for dollars.

Now there are other entities within his cabinet that state it is about “saving jobs” for the America.  Only those who are truly blinded by the same ethics and morals that stem from this administration cannot see the truth.  The fact of the matter is…  It is not about saving jobs, it is about making them and their capital cronies MORE money at the expense of the people, the climate and the future of the world.  Does anyone really think that the people in the mid-to-lower tax brackets are going to see ANY benefits from this?  Have they seen ANY benefits come to them as of yet?  How is that new health care bill coming along?

I was inspired by the action of the newly elected, wait…  FAIRLY ELECTED, President Macron!  Not only the way he handled himself during the meeting with trump, but how he has welcomed scientists from the U.S. to work there in order to continue the fight against the threat of climate change and environmental destruction.  In a fewer amount of days, President Macron has outshined trump on every level!  President Macron has shown what it looks like to have a REAL LEADER as president!  I applaud and stand inspired by the pledge of President Macron to “MAKE THE PLANET GREAT AGAIN…”

Viva la France!



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Final: As in my final thoughts, final blog…

When I looked up todays word, it was as if the universe was trying to subtly whisper something in my ear.  For today, this will be my final blog for “wannareadmymind.”  My intention is to leave my account active, at least for the time being for those who would like to read some of the things that have been rattling around in my headspace over the past months.

I would not be able to close out my final blog without saying a very heartfelt “Thank You” to many of the wonderful writers, I have had the “virtual” pleasure of meeting.  Part of the reason for keeping my account active is to hopefully stay in touch with you from time to time.  “Thank You” to those who chose to follow me!  I never intended on trying to reach astronomical numbers, more so my hope was to reach people who may have shared the idea that anyone and everyone can make a difference…

I wish you all the best in your journey and hoping you find whatever it is that brings you; peace, happiness, vindication or simply a smile…



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America: Lost in a MAZE of deception…

The people of America have to keep wondering just how much further their country has to fall before it hits rock bottom.  This free fall can be tied to many embarrassing, dishonest, suspicious, and self-serving acts committed by one donald trump.  The latest act revolves around the firing of the former FBI director, James Comey.  The same James Comey who was lauded by trump for stating that the Clinton e-mail investigation would resume, 11 days before the presidential election.  The same James Comey who was on the receiving end of a blown kiss from trump during a White House conference.  Yes, the same James Comey who was leading an investigation into the ties between trump and Russia.  The reasons for his firing are the same reasons that he earned praise from trump back in October…  Doing his job!

Regardless of the conflicting justifications coming out of the “Orange Office” the fact that firing the lead investigator, who coincidentally just asked for more resources to further the trump-Russia…  Does not paint a picture of innocence.  Nor does it paint a picture that the U.S. operates under the motto of “liberty and justice for all.”  Late night talk show host Trevor Noah had a piece comparing the U.S. corruption with that of third world countries.  When was the last time you heard the U.S. compared to a third world country in any respects?  The “sad” truth is that the comparisons are correct.  Take a look at those countries who are ruled by dictators and line them up with America.  The similarities are disturbing at best.  The people in power protect the rich and wealthy while the poor are forced to struggle just to survive.

In America, citizens have to wonder where will the justice come from?  Unfortunately, there are no “super hero’s” that can take down the villain.  This is not a movie where in the end; “truth, justice and the American way win out.”  For in the simplest of terms, it is the “American way” that brought them there in the first place.

(Please enjoy the EXTREMELY talented… Trevor Noah)


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Celebrating the Loss of Healthcare for Millions

Please give this a well deserved read! The people need to know the truth…

A lot from Lydia

It was a day worth celebrating for Republican supporters of the bill repealing healthcare benefits offered in the Affordable Care Act. Their “win,” which if followed by another “win” in the Senate, will result in countless deaths—a reason to celebrate, for them. The wealthiest country in the free world, it would appear, has the greediest politicians.

Our retribution will come on Election Day. The following members of the House of Representatives who voted yes are up for reelection next year:
*Jason Chaffetz rolled in to vote yes to the bill that cuts healthcare coverage for millions of taxpayers, after having had his own elective surgery on a preexisting condition—paid for by tax payers.

The phrase that comes to mind when I think of this attitude toward healthcare is “There but for the grace of God go I.” I live in recognition that others misfortunes could be my own. I understand…

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Flint Philosophy: First we poison you, now we make you homeless…

Yesterday I listened to one of my go to radio stations; CBC radio.  They were running a story on the people of Flint, Michigan.  The neighbors to the south are being put into a bad-to-worse situation.  By now, you are probably aware of the Flint water crisis.  But that may depend on where you live and the type of news media you listen to.  For those not familiar, I will summarize it for you…  The city of Flint Michigan in an attempt to save the city money switched the cities water source, without initially notifying residents.  The new water source turned out to be toxic with dangerous levels of lead and contamination.  Which is a great comparison to the type of people who are responsible for this whole tragedy!

With having water that is unsafe for any practical use, one would think that the city would halt charging the residents of Flint during this period?  Ok, maybe charge them for the use of sewage (actual sewer usage, not their sewage based drinking water), toilet flushing and so forth.  Why should residents continue to pay for something that they cannot use and is a horrific health hazard?  Well the answer is simple…  Money!

ONLY in a place like the United States can you be poisoned by your own city and state, then be charged for the service…  The residents had decided not to pay their water bills, which would seem to make sense.  The rumor was that residents would NOT be charged until the water was deemed safe (But deemed safe by who? The city and state that poisoned them? REALLY!).  Currently, the city of Flint has begun to threaten these same people, the ones that were SECRETLY poisoned by their own city, with tax liens against their homes.  If they do not pay for their POISONED water, they will lose their homes to the city.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  One would hope that the state of Michigan would come to the aid of the cities residents and put a halt to the ludicrous series of events.  Crickets, crickets…   The total number of residents affected is around 8,000+ people.

On top of everything else there is ANOTHER potential (no pun intended) “nail in the coffin” for the poisoned residents of Flint; the potential loss of health care coverage!  Understanding that this will affect millions of people, but my focus is on the Flint residents for my article.  Consider how many people have had their health affected due to the greed and corruption of the city and their former representatives.  Think of how many CHILDREN that will suffer long term effects from the POISONED waters of Flint.  These are the CHILDREN of families already having to decide between paying a past due water bill or their mortgage!  Paying the city for GETTING POISONED!!!  With the latest passing of the Obama-Care repeal…  (But needs Senate approval)  If passed, how many will be able to afford their current and future health coverage?  How many men, women, and CHILDREN will die at the hands of a city, a state and even more disturbing…  Their country!  How can I place blame on the country?  Easy!  By watching the representatives that are elected to SERVE the people who voted for them decide to do nothing…  That goes all the from the lowest city official to the president of the country.  If your reply is; “Government doesn’t work that way…”  My reply to you is; “Then government doesn’t work at all…”

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